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Maastricht, Netherlands

Life Philosophy

success comes to he who knows that life is first born in thought, those who seek vision before the deed, and conform the deed to the vision…

as far as i’m concerned, you live only once.

I am...

a lover of words with delusions of being a poet. I fell in love with the quest for knowledge, and i can’t stop.


The Pinnacle

Someone told me,
The only way to the top
Is to know where the top is.
Some dig so deep
Their own beings they strip
Excavate and desecrate
Till what reaches the top
Is nothing but shells
of their former selves.

I questioned where the top was
for it was my desired destination
The top beckoned
Called, whistled
Told me I was the only one
Meant to find it.
Like Douglas’ 42
I found the answer
To what me and you
Like scientists for the cure of cancer
But unlike the scientists
I forgot the question
Remembered the answer.
42 meant nothing.
Ain’t that

To reach the pinnacle
Stand at the top
Be the man who is the man
that other men seek to teach
And be the man other men
seek to understand
I dug through hell
with a shovel made of sand
Had Lava burn my hand.
Till I realized,
Who’s pinnacle am i aiming to

The top is my top
I define how high i will go
If you’re looking for a miracle,
Which will make your pinnacle
my pinnacle
you will be disappointed
Like an unannointed oracle.

The pinnacle of human achievement
is the realization
that everyone.
Every. One.
Defines for themselves
Where the top is.


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