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Owned & Operated (Full)

Owned & Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control. But the world...

George Carlin – I Gave Up On My Species

George Carlin was one of the very few public figures with the balls to tell it like it is and he didn’t give a damn about political correctness or what anyone thought about it. The reason for...

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein – A Short Film

Directed by Ian MacKenzie Produced by Velcrow Ripper, Gregg Hill, Ian MacKenzie READ THE BOOK HELP ADD SUBTITLES Sacred...

Like in a dream – 3D fractal trip

Fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. I originally designed it for Bryan Alvarez from UC Berkeley, for a TEDx talk about his Human Atlas project, to illustrate his initial dream about the beauty...

Paul Harvey – An Open Letter From God

Paul Harvey’s “Open Letter From God.”

Breaking 2Night – Eric Prydz & OceanLabs

Original songs : Ocean Labs – Breaking Ties Eric Prydz – 2Night

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This Remarkable Thing

Well? How would you know?

How to wake up for the 2012 ascension shift

from “wayseer” Anastasia beavenhouser on FB One of my favorite videos on being aware and waking up from this negativity we are living in… being awake doesnt mean knowing what is...

David Icke – The Bloodthirsty Bloodline

David Icke 2011 – The Bloodthirsty Bloodline