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Life Philosophy

Wow… seeing it asked like that really makes you think…

There is no “out there”, out there. The world is as we see it from within. The eyes ARE the window of the soul… but looking out, not in.

I am...

Creative, inquisitive, curious and I want to be fearless. I know my weaknesses and from where they come but I can’t seem to break past my preferences and bias. I am loyal and strong, opinionated and confident. I come off harsh when I think I know and wish I could change my personality to be more patient and loving. I am a great friend but a bad listener but I am working on that.


All you need is love… and a poor memory. .


All of them!
Mostly fantasy stuff, George R Marten, Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman… all kinds of comics and a hand full of tech blogs! NEVER THE NEWSPAPER!

Self help and Law of Attraction stuff. Course in Miracles, Eastern Religions… I used to be a huge Egypt freak! I read every book on Egypt I could touch!


Country to Metal. Lately… Volbeat and Randy Houser.. I know… weird!

If it is heavy, funky or melodic.. I am in!

Film & TV

Game of Thrones, Pixar and kid Movies, Superhero stuff (though most of it is CG crap), Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller and 80’s stuff and Documentaries on ANYTHING! I also love North Americana on discovery and stuff like that!

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