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What do HEthens do when they're terribly depressed?

I suffered a massive trauma a couple years ago that left me very suicidal. Eventually, (and with the help of a steady supply of marijuana) I “evened out”, but I still have a residual...

Feeling ignored by someone: should you confront them?

I have a best friend and the relationship is feeling increasingly one sided to me. Would it be wiser to tell them this, or to swallow the feeling and avoid the argument?

Stop being slaves to American consumerism

The Superbowl is today. 1 in 3 Americans will be watching it. Collectively 428 human lives worth of time will be devoted to watching it. In a typical Superbowl broadcast (2 hours and 54 minutes): 60...

Never meditated before, want to learn about it, where do I go?

Where is a good beginner’s guide to meditation, how to do it and its benefits?

If you journal or blog, what do you write about?

Topic. For you writer’s out there, how do you prompt yourself?

How does an introvert find hallucinogens?

Topic. Dying to try them. The only thing I’ve had in that regard is high level salvia. It was incredible, but too short-lived of an experience.

Thinking about making a WordPress, does anyone else here use it?

My friends make fun of me all the time for posting lengthy Facebook statuses about topics that inspire me in some way, good or bad. I noticed a couple of my friends using this blog hosting site,...

Support the students of Eastside Catholic on January 31st

Hi, I just wanted to bring this story to your attention. A private Catholic school near Seattle recently fired their Vice Principal because he married his boyfriend, which violated his hiring...