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Life Philosophy

A moon child — Be kind to whomever you meet and learn more about the universe today than you knew yesterday. Go with the flow the universe holds, fall in love, and do epic and unheard of shit that rattles society to the core. Become a beacon of peace and love, and become an influence on the very matrix that created you. Realize that to be alive is the rarest and most oddly beautiful thing that man can imagine. Learn, grow, understand, and expand!

I am...

Whose soul has been liberated by wisdom, such person has learned to know, and therefore participate in ultimate truth, beauty, and goodness. Because the soul within us is eternal and intangible, and because it alone is the real person, then no harm that occurs to the body can ever affect it.

I have taught myself and learned with convicting familiarity how to die, inherently teaching myself how to live



Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Walden, DMT the spirit molecule, Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The Perennial philosophy, Doors of Perception etc.