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  • 2014-06-02 @ 11:27:47

    This really does make me want to Lucidly Dream more often! I never thought about asking myself questions as I dream and reveal to myself the answers! THAT DOES SOUND REALLY INTENSE!

    You Will Want to Learn Lucid Dreaming After Reading This

  • 2014-05-07 @ 18:48:04

    This is a great video! I feel truly inspired after hearing this. I have trouble getting off my ass and doing things productive to strive towards my dreams but he’s really helped me get up and get going! I still have a finish line to reach! My dreams aren’t going anywhere because I’m the only one holding myself back! I can do this! >:D

    How Dreams Manifest-Beyond The Secret & Law of Attraction

  • 2013-12-26 @ 15:32:06

    This reminds me of Amber Monolith, but in a different setting of course. What an amazing picture!

    Overgrown City

  • 2013-12-26 @ 15:30:16

    This is awesome! Truly an inspiring picture to know it it was done by a human walking on snow.

    Crazy Guy Just Walking Around In The Snow, Then Zoom Out And.. Whoa.