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    After reading this, Ive been using your website for about two weeks now because I like the content; Ive tried to use forums but I lose interest very quickly, but after reading this and knowing its inception to borrow from the parable “the seeds have fallen about good ground”…. ok so pretty lame on that. But I am very happy to see that the creator is as much into this as the content is.

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  • 2011-04-25 @ 17:44:15

    My favorite is the “What’s stopping you? (thats right nothing)” with the mountain range. Its like the mountains daring for me to climb over them doing a 20 mile hike. Ive been to Alaska and I have always had a thought about if I summited those mountains, how many people could say they have done that? I dunno the trailblazer in me always keeps me wondering. Sorry this is such a convulted statement, Ive stared at this post for a couple minutes and I give up.

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