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Using Marijuana while staying Mentally and Physically Healthy. Is this doable?

I love to smoke weed but it puts a considerable dampener on my life if I’ve been using daily for much more than a week. I become slothful, have a worse diet- suffering from junk nutrition when...

Neuroscientist survives stroke/her insightful explanation.

She gets a little weird for me when she starts using words like Nirvana. Other than that, this video is a very eye-opening account of the nature of the brain’s mysterious Right-hemisphere. She...

Anyone here write hip hop lyrics?

I think it’s extremely fun. I wrote this last night over an instrumental of ‘I Against I’ by Jedi Mind Tricks. Okay, I’m calmer now. Get at me like farmer with plow. Cause I’ve a...


This a capella quartet sung by Maynard, of Tool and APC, blows my mind. All four parts are the same voice, just pristine. edit: wrong forum lol

Fruit-bearing plants

I’m curious about how plants evolved to the state of being able to bear fruits/vegetables. What’s the link between plant and animal that would have encouraged this development? Yes, an...

I need a killer lower-ab workout.

My ab regimen isn’t cutting it for those lower reaches. Please fill me in if you have a great one! I’m mostly interested in floor/yoga technique.

That thing that you feel that you are.

That thing that you feel that you are when you observe yourself, the awareness in and of itself – not the object of the awareness, is what you and every other sentient (living) thing have in...

Who likes Tool?

New album drop from Maynard’s secondary band, Puscifer. Album is crazy nice.

Getting the most positive experience out of a trip.

Eating 4g of these fungi I have here in about an hour or so and not really sure what I’m going to spend my time doing. Spending the majority of it alone. Thinking of going for a walk to visit...

Secular Biographies of Jesus/Gatama

Are there reliable biographies of the lives of these men? If anyone knows the names of any authors please let me know! As for a discussion, the reason I want to read into them is because I view them...

The funniest little puzzle.

they were truth and that explains how we are one in the same, all of us

Let us walk :)

No, let us write poetry. I start. -~`’*’,~- The notion of self will be regretted, once we can find My.. Self, the medic, He forges mountains and turns the seas, My own perplexities, they...

Singing Under the Rainbow

In loooove. Yes, this song is worth its own thread. It’s just so… highexistence. Psychedelic Abstract erm Electronica?. ->

The Ancients, Ancient Aliens, UFOs and Higher Dimensional Beings.

The theory I’ve been toying with is that these are all one in the same thing. The ancients of the Sphinx, Stonehenge, Atlantis, etc. became immortal humans through conscious mastery of internal...

Enlightened: Are you?

Are people who claim to be enlightened sort of like Catholic priests who write a homily and then turn around and fist an 8 year old? I’m not trying to be an asshole; I’m just a little...

You are a black hole.

Think about it. You are a void of possibility, receiving knowledge of probability from everything you take in. You consume matter and turn it into "nothing". It isn’t nothing though,...


Do you think it exists? Actual evil, I don’t mean the destructive capacity of man nor some sort of archetypal force of the subconscious. How do you define evil? If we were to personify evil,...

Do what you do!!

My people, it is such that you are so. Do what you do! :D If my brotherhood is too emergent for you I advise you take a look at yourself. Nigga act right!

Thinking about buying an elementary level Math text book

And doing a few pages everyday working them out mentally for the sake of strengthening my ability to carry information in my head in order to think more complex thoughts = better ideas. Does this seem...

Simple truths.

This just dawned on me after getting off my arse to do tibetan rites/breathing exercises for the first time in months and making the pledge to smoke my last cigarette – and I have now made a...

The best thing to do with your time.

Well? What is it for you? When do you feel alive and well, blissful and productive at the same time? For me it’s drawing when on acid, rollerblading intoxicated in the dark bumping dubstep on my...

Is the need for sleep a consequence of failure?

Scientists don’t know why we sleep. Please contemplate my question and give me your all.

He is my Brother

I’m such a fucking skeptic I can’t get inside my own head trip. I prosecute my brother for his surrender to fate and am unable to reverse the slate Yesterday I dreamt I was attacking him...

Who are you?

Answer me, fucker.

You know what you need to do.

Or don’t you? …How will you go about doing it?

Internet = Aliens = God = Dubstep

Tell me I’m not right.

Looney toons + acid = enlightenment?

Please. Go read the power of now, then. Wheat brownie eatin, hemp wearing trick.

Battle me

Sitting wishing you was on some mission Skip the wishing, fuck out my kitchen bitching, succumb to submission, stitch you in my transmission something to do with ignition of my vision meets fission...

Donating plasma

I’ve been donating plasma for the extra cash for the last few months. They take like a pint of it at a time. Usually do it like 5-6 times a month. Anyone have an idea of how severely I am...

Spaceship for One

I want to explore the stars. Lonely stars and planets. While listening to trance music in a spaceship for one. Then finally I could be in the right setting for this music. I want to extract minerals...

Walk on your toes!

What if the norm was to walk on your toes and not your heels? Could this possibly be the more ergonomic stance? Fast twitch leg muscles are being activated and posture is more erect. What...

What's on your mind?

What is really on your mind? If you were to go for a 3 day walk or partake in a 3 day mediation right now, what would your mind be busy wrapping itself around? I look forward to your responses....

Ways we lose 'chi' energy

Obviously ejaculation of sexual fluids is a loss of vital energy. Saliva loss is too, I read somewhere.. Could any sort of exertion be considered an expenditure of chi energy, from exerting muscles or...

Soul devoted erode implode electric shock software boxed in awesomeness

^ Topic say it ten times fast Can you think up a better one? I’d love to hear your attempt. A one liner tongue twister, please deliver the style

Favorite Juicing Recipes

Whose got em? Share them here. Imma go buy a juicer and free my body. :D

You wanna know what's FWUCKED up about the internet?

Everybody has the same handwriting as you. Handwriting says a LOT about expression – it’s directly linked to your entire nervous system and yes, your emotional core. What is the grand...

Last straw that broke the camels back.

I’m neurotic as fuck. I’ve never really minded it – because I’m never bored – I always have the next thing to do or to think about that fulfills my sense of emptiness...

The way you move is a mystery!

Do your dance, do your dance! Pce out HEthens. And as always: Welcome to HighExistence.

Start over from scratch every day

Die every night Yesterday I was a hurtful, pathetic, close-minded, satanic piece of shit. Today I am something different Go forth and serve the lord (you) Have a lovely day, HEthens. Pieces.

The art of handling a Human

Call it seeking bliss, call it religion, philosophy or dismiss it as usual business. All lofty, all far off from the main theme, what is inhibiting your dreams? We are stolen. Yes, captive. The global...

Posted up, sitting around, chilling.

I have two options. To feel the great amount of pain I feel on a second to second basis and to express it. I.E. GO TO WORK Or to absorb all of my own existing positivity until I become numb to what...

Y'all can find me if you're looking for a friend.

I’ll be the only iron clad oracle in a city of ten. Why aren’t we all heroes? What is to lose? Your life? Why are we so imprisoned by our idea of what our “life” is. God...

The Main Question.

Does the Present affect the Past? (Just as it affects the Future). Scientifically phrased the same question is, “Is ‘Now’ real?”

How do I build a cool rhythm?

How can I? When there are so many things that remind me of who I thought I was. And so many people who need to upset me. No examples of success to be seen.

This isn't a community site

I haven’t been here for nearly a year tonight I thought it would be charming to revisit this great site that really aided to my personal growth in my odd coming of age years I am sad to see the...