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Life Philosophy

Know yourself; the rest will come


When you find your voice, slow down. There’s no rush. Out of six billion people, you’re the only one with your voice, your experiences, your ideas, your wisdom. There’s no competition to be you.

When your change kicks in. This is the moment not to plan for the future, but to find the pauses in the present.

Life is not made of consistency. That’s how you die one day at a time. Life is made of changes, memories, and evil plans, and the pleasure that comes from freedom.

When you slow down, everything lasts longer.

There’s no goals. There’s just progress. Give yourself permission to not be at peace. Permission brings you closer to peace. Form me, every day, I need to give myself permission.

When people say “it’s not about the money” often they are really saying, “I’m really scared it’s ALL about the money.

Take calculated risks & take responsbility for choices. Blaming others recognizes others as victors and yourself as powerless

Allow yourself to do what you are good at and what comes easy to you and come naturally instead of things you are bad at all the time

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