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25 Documentaries Everybody Should Watch

A list of 25 hand-picked documentaries that will make you re-evaluate many of your strong-held beliefs. All of which you can watch online for free! Ready for some learning?

Martijn Schirp

30 Challenges for 30 Days

It takes about 30 days to form a habit. The ones that are good for you require cultivation and determination. The starting phase is the (Hardest, especially if you want to change an old habit into a...

Martijn Schirp

How To Open Your 7 Chakras – Children’s View

How To Open Your 7 Chakras - As Explained in The Last Airbender

What A Drug Overdose Is Like (Beautiful)

Video representation of a drug overdose and the end of life.

TripTank – Stoned Ape Theory

Life on Earth evolves in the mind’s eye of an ape tripping on mushrooms. Watch more TripTank here:

Amazing 104 year old Yogi

He attributes his good health to the efficacy of the practice of Yoga