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  • 2013-12-02 @ 21:31:22

    Self improvement books are cancer… you want to build on yourself?? experience things, see things, be open to things and travel.

    Don’t worship someone else’s doctrine… figure it out yourself… like the Buddha

    25 Best Books on Self-Improvement You Need to Read Before You Die

  • 2013-07-29 @ 04:30:04

    Should be a PSA to caution moderation when taking psychedelics.. if you’re doing it every weekend eventually you’re going to ruin your mind.

    Video: Why You MUST Try Psychedelics

  • 2011-08-19 @ 13:26:48

    i may have learned something from this.. we’ll see.

    The Fable of the Zen Master

  • 2011-08-15 @ 15:31:32

    I agree with this.. I often tell people that I could sit here with them and try to make them feel better with words of wisdom.When someone is down though honestly nobody feels better until they want to feel better.

    I could say anything about any situation and be 100% right and I cant say people have ever taken my advice when the emotions are flowing strong.

    though people are never satisfied with a “get over it and move the f on.” i guess they just want attention, to know someone cares when it comes down to it.

    The Secret to Life in 2 Words