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Life Philosophy

The amazingly, beautiful thing about life…it’s the fact that our futures CAN be changed. There will be good days and there will be bad days… just keep in mind that each moment that you encounter is another opportunity for you to learn something so that you can keep growing to become a better person. Learn from the way people treat you, even if you decide to let your guard down to let them in your heart, if they hurt you, and it’s going to hurt like hell, with all regards to the pain think of it like this: “Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream, that if you have the chance, you use something amazing from it. Just grab hold of it.” Even when you feel your hands slipping, never let go. Give love, receive love, and live in the moment. The time is always now.

I am...

My name is Drew. I have been through a lot in my short time here on Earth and I’m thankful to wake up to every new day. I chose to start blogging to communicate my ideas, opinions, and new adventures to a wider audience in hopes to make new friends and new connections on a larger scale. Feel free to join me if you will. If you have dreams, don’t ever give up on them. I’m an avid blogger, guitarist, reader, poet, songwriter, singer, and last but not least an ambitious man with self-respected vices and many virtues. I love to express myself in any way possible, and basically just enjoy life living in my crazy, whimsical world.


“Never stop thinking. This is important. If someone ever says to you ‘You need to stop thinking so much,’ call them ignorant in your head and keep thinking deeper. It is this mentality that breeds stupidity and sheeple. Your mind is the most important tool you have, if you stop using it, it will atrophy. Question everything.”

Play the music, not the instrument.

“Live simply. The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.”





I love music, and I respect all my music. Without music, I wouldn’t have a soul. Of course I have my personal all times such as: Brand New is my all time favorite band. Jesse Lacey is the best songwriter to ever live. Jeff Buckley is my favorite singer. Jimi Hendrix is my favorite guitarist.

Film & TV

I love movies…particularly the gangster genre, bank heist films, thrillers, horror, and I love comedy films, and in closing, Quentin Tarantino is a genius at his craft. The History Channel.

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