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  • 2013-04-10 @ 13:27:36

    I use Wunderlist as my PC to-do app. It syncs to iPhones, iPads, other Macs, and Android phones as well! Very simple and clean interface. Imo, it has just the right amount of useful functions and runs beautifully on PCs.

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  • 2013-02-08 @ 10:57:38

    Overconfidence and blown up egos are often side effects of some deep-rooted insecurity. It’s trying to overcompensate for something else we don’t think we have. When there’s self-love, personal pride and positive thoughts aren’t tangled with contempt for others’ accomplishment. We are all very aware (or should want to be) of our own flaws. I think the important part is to introspect and distinguish between the “flaws” that cannot be changed and those on which we CAN improve. I always have to remember to love myself for who I aspire to be. It doesn’t mean I’m there yet, not even close! But as long as I keep working/sprinting/crawling/MOVING towards my ideal, that’s reason enough to be proud. Besides, it just FEELS good. I know you feel it too :)

    P.S. I can’t agree more with you about the singing exercises!

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  • 2012-12-10 @ 19:39:33

    I have a friend who is partially color blind. He has trouble differentiating between green and brown, blue and purple, and other like colors. He can only tell if the grass is green by looking at whether it looks wilted and dead, or fresh and pliable. I cannot fathom what colors look like to him nor can he imagine what red green “truly” looks like. Given such obstacles to human perception and cognition, it is clear that there is so much more depth than what meets the eye. That reminds me of something.

    Imagine that you are a drawing of a human on a piece of paper, which means you are 2D. Something “peels” you off the paper and holds you up to the 3D world. What you see is also in 2D, despite the fact that there is a third dimension.

    We humans perceive in a 3D world.

    Now imagine you were “peeled” off into a 4D world. What would that look like? We won’t know, because we can only see in 3D. But that doesn’t mean a fourth dimension doesn’t exist. And it also doesn’t mean that sudden and unexpected occurrences that originated in higher dimensions are not perceivable to the human eye; just that we can only see their 3D qualities.

    This made me think about the existence of religion and the meaning of spirituality. They both involve a devoted faith to something unknown; something that transcends our 3D world. What if spirituality is humanity’s perpetual attempt to understand and connect to things from greater dimensions? Maybe our human capacity to think and to reason is unique in the sense that it is capable of penetrating simply 3D planes with enough exercise and incredible willpower. Hence some people can accomplish extraordinary physical feats after many arduous years dedicated to thought and inner concentration. They’ve mentally trained themselves so intensively that they are capable of overcoming 3D world obstacles and thus access a deeper and smaller point of knowledge that is greater than all of our world.

    So now this makes me wonder: why do some people choose to remain ignorant? Why do some people choose not to know? Why do some people not question what they take for granted as reality? Why are we trying to make our physical lives easier and more comfortable, through all kinds of technological advancement, at the expense of mental and spiritual advancement? Why do we try to conquer but not to understand? I am guilty of all of this, and I question myself and my own principles because of this. But if thinking about such things and questioning such things brings about psychological discomfort and even pain, then is ignorance not bliss and thus preferable?

    Am I ranting again? Thanks for the post Jordan. Reminded me of my own mindfucks ;)

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