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the states, you know.

Life Philosophy

i really enjoy rain
i strongly advocate people doing whatever it is that makes them happy. if you enjoy it, then just do it. seriously.
if you want to appreciate life, then have it taken away from you. better yet, just don’t let it get to that point.
many people say that they love, but i live to love. it is everything that i do and everything that i am.
things that we see and perceive may be entirely different than what others see/perceive.. this is uniformly accepted to most, i think, but if you really think about it, that blue may look green to someone else, and your english may be someone’s russian. i think that’s why it’s important to remember that everything you see and your life and the sum of your entire thought process/mind and all your memories and everything that makes you so uniquely you, is different yet the same for everyone else. they all see things, and feel, and remember, and love, laugh, all of it, they just do it differently than you do. every single person in the world views life from their own first-person. life is the only story that involves first, second and third person.

I am...

a libra, a beverage drinker, and a life enjoyer


it’s oxygen~

miike snow, vampire weekend, crystal castles, bob marley, shaggy, sumblime, tyga, rusko, passion pit, the beatles, the beach boys, big sean, the clash, coldplay, fun, matisyahu, the script, kanye west, drake, eminem, kid cudi, lupe fiasco, mac miller, mgmt, sammy adams, snow patrol, tyler the creator (odd future)

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