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  • 2012-11-06 @ 16:46:56

    Ahhh.. I hope there’s more like her in the generation beneath us :)

    Ellie describes astral projection

  • 2012-07-08 @ 21:13:31

    Wow, just catching up here. Jordan, I had eerie de ja vu all throughout reading this :) You tickled some spots in my brain that I didn’t know (or forgot) were there. I’m tied up with many many things atm, but if this shit launches, which, you sound like you’re on a mission :) I’ll be there eventually… and I can’t wait to meet you whenever that happens! <3

    How We Can (Actually) Change The World – Pt. 3/3

  • 2012-04-09 @ 14:52:24

    Beyond awesome :)

    Most epic kiss ever

  • 2011-08-27 @ 19:17:43

    so simple :) <3

    HE Life Lesson #1: Love or Fear

  • 2011-07-15 @ 07:52:20

    I keep coming back for this song- lovin it <3

    This Will Blow Your Mind in 60 Seconds: The Power of Choice

  • 2011-07-01 @ 11:28:30

    Good message to get out there :) When I start to get worked up, I pretend whatever is going on is a Seinfeld episode (and sometimes it has been!). Nice article :)

    How to Be A Modern Alchemist

  • 2011-05-24 @ 06:48:22

    Nice article :) When I played tennis I used to pretend I was actually Monica Seles & I played better.

    It’s funny too locking eyes with a stranger–they tend to look away immediately.. but if you keep staring, eventually they look back (to see if you’re still staring)..and when they do, if you smile or make a face, 9/10 times you’ll get a smile back.

    How to Be Social and Badass… When Meeting New People

  • 2011-05-20 @ 12:40:09

    Krish that’s so awesome, reading it I could almost feel how awesome it’ll be :) I don’t see myself having that kind of time on my hands real soon–but I look forward to when I do & when I can do this. Is there a reason the walk is only 20 minutes? I’d opt for at least 45-60mins. C’mon meow :)

    Your Personal Detox Day