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    I recently have been introduced to DMT. My intent everytime i took and still take it is to “Breakthrough to the other side”, initially when i did the substance i questioned if i “Broke through” or not. Now i did it 4 or 5 more times and on my 5th time i knew i broke through, i knew i went to a place that was unlike where i was at. To me this is a substance for spiritual growth. WHen i went i dont remember much but i do remember a womans face, she sort of looked caramel colored with shoulder length straight black hair. She was guiding me around this building i wanna say but i dont really know where i was. Point is i see DMT as a way for spiritual growth. Now on the other hand I see mushrooms as recreation, a time to chill laugh with friends and watch a cool movie. But heres the weird part. Last week I took schroomz and I had a DMT experience. I broke through to the otherside which has never happened to me before on schroomz. But im not going to lie i stopped it from happening. I got scared that i didnt want to leave. But when i “Woke up” it was the same feeling as when i came back from my DMT trip. Point in case i always seen schrooms as a recreational substance now im starting to think its more profound then that.

    Tripping as a Tool for Self-Improvement