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  • 2013-07-16 @ 13:56:58

    It seems obvious that there is a “false” propagandized world, and there is an “actual” world, and that we mistakenly imagine the “false” world to be what we are one with.

    So we must retreat inward, and take multitudinous amounts of solitude, in order to forget all of the conceptual stuff and labels like gender, race, nationality, religious affiliation, etc, and be in the stillness of simple being.

    You’ll find it’s easier to quit smoking and not ever go back so long as you hold the opinion that cigarettes are disgusting and evil. If you hold a positive view of cigarettes in any way, odds are you’ll become a smoker again.

    So it’s important to rebel against everything, and to be over it all, to be tired of it all, to look at it all and question it, and be willing to be in the dark and alone abyss which is the place of having rejected everything.

    At that point, there is the extremity of isolation that has been reached by monks in caves for thousands of years. There isn’t a need for approval. There isn’t even a need to speak.

    Now the truth, a truth free from the conceptual, labeled, propagandized world, can express itself clearly as it all is, and the oneness of reality is here as always.

    These steps and processes exist within most spiritual paths. Nietzsche was simply doing a reiteration, as was Emerson. It’s simply a part of the perennial philosophy, which connects all sorts of universal truths and wisdom from around the globe. The knowledge of all of this is found as the essential self we are. So this is what Ramana Maharshi meant when he said, “Knowing is being.”

    So the steps are valid:
    1. Reject/question/abandon everything. (also the first step of any hero in a myth/story, like when Neo leaves the Matrix, or Jesus leaves to go on his journeys)

    2. Be what remains when all is abandoned.

    3. Notice that being what remains is being all there is, and that the conceptual world was all you ever really abandoned. That’s all you ever could abandon, since there is only oneness in the actual cosmos. How could oneness abandon itself? This is why enlightenment is no big deal. For thousands of years many Buddhists have said, “Enlightenment is no big deal.” How could it be a big deal when there is nothing else to compare it to? There is only one.

    This noticing space is as simple as a child-like, curious awareness. Wonder is a constant, and being is all that ever is.

    Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Conquering Your Existence

  • 2013-01-30 @ 10:10:56

    Great topic to focus on. It seems like this is a new trend to be on the lookout for. As the pendulum swings we have seen culture go from rampant and unquestioned “patriotism” to a farm or anarchistic or rebellious individualism. This means that people are willing to question the indoctrination and be inspired to do things in life that aren’t widely supported by the greater group. This willingness to step outside of the herd mind in favor of the fun and excitement of adventure is revolutionary.

    Another interesting trend going on is the transcendence of dualistic thought. Most of us, and all of our ancestors, were raised in cultures who see merely black and white and opposing opposites. But what is rarely mentioned or noticed is the third variable, which is awareness itself. Awareness is always there along with the opposites that are noticed. So as awareness becomes aware of this fact there is a transcendence that happens that allows awareness to be free of taking sides in general.

    At this point the whole dance can be seen. We can see clearly how cultural evolution works. Like you bring up here in this post, there are the naysayers who think you’re crazy for following that “scary” or “stupid” dream of yours. But it is the naysayers who inspire you to up and do it and show them a thing or two. Just like the optimist is the one who does what the pessimist says can’t be done, the linear and level line of our path comes up against a wall of resistance, causing us to elevate and climb over the obstruction, taking our path to a higher level, and all of society with it. We really do have conservative evangelicals to thank for abortion rights, since they were the ones who inspired people to get together and fight for those rights. Without that opposition there wouldn’t have been such a rally. The same is true of the equal rights movements for women, African Americans, and people of varying ethnicities. Without the dance between up and down, right and left, right and wrong, etc. we would merely stagnate. So, in this sense, it’s easy to see how it’s all absolutely perfect. And included in that perfection is the desire to change things.

    Is Everyone Doubting Your Dreams? GOOD.