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Austria, Europe


Life Philosophy

Strive to grow as a human being to experience and appreciate life to its full extent.

I am...

a 20 year old guy from Austria and I’m in the process of creating my personal utopia.
For that reason I got into the practice of meditation, sexual kung fu and lucid dreaming.
At the same time I refuse to keep bad habits like eating unconsciously or excessive drug consume. I love reading non-fictional books, spending time in nature, playing kendama and doing all sorts of sport, especially skateboarding. After having finished societys obligations (highschool, military service) I plan to travel the world. My big dream would be to end the journey with arriving at my personal purpose. Best case scenario: Some kind of personal development work with a focus on the unconscious (psychedelic-, trance-, dream-states) while living together with awesome enthusiastic people from all over the world in a eco-community.


The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer
Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl
Zen and the Art of Happiness – Chris Prentiss
Boarderlines – Andreas Brendt
Stein und Flöte – Hans Bermann
Wer bin ich- und wenn ja, wie viele? – Richard David Precht


Daft Punk
Milky Chance
Klumzy Tung
Prinz Pi
Tallest Man on Earth
Of Monsters and Men
Nicolas Jaar
Pink Floyd
and a lot more, especially electronica and techno

Film & TV

Waking Life
Enter the Void
Before Sunrise
Lord of the Rings
Planet Earth
Human Planet
Breaking Bad

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