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FREE HUGS: One City, One Weekend (Eau Claire, WI)

Inspired by Juan Mann’s public free hugs, we decided to set out and spread the love in our own home state of Wisconsin! Music by

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans

When we set out to film, it was another New Orleans day. Once you get past the inevitable grime and heat, you feel a certain energy or atmosphere. Like a kid throwing himself into a mud fight. We...

SXSW: A Genius Predicts the Future

The inventor of text-to-speech says you won’t need text or speech to surf the web.

Sam Harris on “Free Will”

SAM HARRIS IS THE AUTHOR of the New Work Times bestsellers, The Moral Landscape, The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. His new book is short (96) pages, to the point, and will change the...