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If this so-called mind were located in the head, when a thorn pierced the food, for instance, there would be no reason to experience a sharp pain. If it were located in the feet, why would there be discomfort even if the head and limbs were amputated? Suppose it were located in the body as a whole. In that case, if unbearable regret or misery were to arise in the mind when an external item -an article of clothing, a cup, a house, or some other possession- is taken away or destroyed by others, the mind would have to be located in them. If it were located inside the body, there would be no one who identified with things outside. If it were located outside, there would be no one inside to cling or grasp on to the body. If it is presently located in the body, where will it be located when it separates from the body? On what will it depend?





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