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Every opportunity to better yourself should be taken. You can learn something from everyone you meet. Seek experiences that take you out of your comfort zone. Do what you love, and don’t give in to the expectations of society.

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Currently living on the west coast of Canada as a student studying psychology. I love to spend time outdoors and love to frolic down by the sea. I’ve always been a massive fan of anything involving water really including swimming, diving, and being on boats. I’m also obsessed with travelling and I’ve done quite a bit of it. My country count is somewhere around 30 and theres nothing I love more than going places and meeting new and exciting people there. I love cats a little too much and like to talk to them. They talk back and are my friends. My instrument of choice is a fretless appalachian mountain banjo, and I do wish I had a front porch to play it on. I like to be silly a lot. But most people don’t actually think that unless they know me well, but I guess they’re just missing out.


“This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender” – the banjo of Pete Seeger

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