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Life Philosophy

Humanist. Liberal.

We humans are going through a phase.. we’re learning.. from our mistakes..
Some day, I hope in a not so distant future.. we will come together regardless our sex, ethnicity, beliefs, nationality… to stop being citizens of a specific country and become citizens of the planet earth…

I am...

A dreamer.. but I’m not the only one…


“Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind..” -Keith Richards

“Remember love. The only hope for any of us is peace. Violence begets violence. If you want to get peace, you can get it as soon as you like if we all pull together… Think peace, live peace, and breathe peace and you’ll get it as soon as you like.”- John Lennon

“Maybe the origin of life or intelligence is exceedingly improbable, or maybe civilizations arise all the time… but wipe themselves out.. as soon as they are able” -Carl Sagan

“By itself, the affirmation of life can only produce a partial and imperfect civilization. Only if it turns inward and becomes ethical can the will to progress attain the ability to distinguish the valuable from the worthless. We must therefore strive for a civilization that is not based on the accretion of science and power alone, but which cares most of all for the spiritual and ethical development of the individual and of humankind.”
—Albert Schweitzer

“The only thing we are really sure of is that we live and want to go on living. This is something that we share with everything else that lives, from elephants to blades of grass—and, of course, every human being. So we are brothers and sisters to all living things, and owe to all of them the same care and respect, that we wish for ourselves.”
— James Brabazon on Reverence for Life

“And in the end… the love you take… is equal to the love you make”- Paul McCartney


The Picture of Dorian Gray. -Oscar Wilde

The Time Machine. -H.G. Wells

The Singularity is near. -Raymond Kurzweil

The Last Book in the Universe. -Rodman Philbrick


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