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Life Philosophy

Well hrmm, I guess I’m a light worker? I’m starting to realize there is such a thing?

Create in everything you do, I love bringing people together and lining up unique perspectives. Hold fast to your inner child and protect it as it is the source of your wonder and creativity.

Learn things, learn as many greetings as you can in other cultures languages.

Travel, even to places people are afraid of.

Say hi to people on the street. Pretend it’s a small townl You know…Earth?

Keep fit, dance as much as you can, sing your emotions out.

Channel your heroes and thus become your super self

Love your family.

Don’t step on ants…they are multitasking huge networks and deals you know. They invented wifi and tweetering.

Spin Fire! Take a crazy road trip to Nevada

I am...

Artist/musician/firedancer/animator…Described as too artistic? Firey, idealistic? Beyond Thunderdome? …and growing


“Truly he has a dizzying intellect”

“There are two things you have to remember on not on fire good on fire bad….unless you meant to be on fire”

“Those dayum crystals they be a speakin to me and those trees too?”




Talent Is Overrated (Geoff Colvin)

The Artists Way At Work (Riding The Dragon) Julia Cameron, Mark Bryan and Catherine Ellen

Bridgemans! Complete Anatomy for Artists!

The Life You Were Born To Live (Dan Millman)

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Laughs I literally turned my head to see what was in pile…(ghostbusters library scene kind of pile)


I love to make it!

Film & TV

Documentaries… Baraka!