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  • 2012-05-01 @ 23:50:59

    This is awe inspiring. And I remember why I came here was because I found this article. I have had private thoughts on matters like this and kept them to myself because I think first I had to find another musician to tell them about this without any recoil and judgment calls just even because of the topic. But I believe there is so much truth to this. One comfort in song writing is a simple feeling you want to convey it’s like why we say blue? Or the blues. But colour is so multifaceted just as music is. As red can be deep rooted in anger but also be the passions of love.

    I think the thing is we can’t demand that others see “colour” Because each has his perceptions in maturity on perception. I think only after having experienced writing or even playing the same instrument for over ten years you will develop this relationship to it where you are not seeing the notes per se or having to identify them you just know where you want to go with it and you can feel it out. It’s also something that can’t be forced. It has to be nurtured at your own pace. Once you get there it becomes like a beautiful explosion.

    You’ve inspired me to want to write now purely with synesthesia in mind. I love the graphic representation too with the notes. It’s so true! I once saw the notes moving through the floorboards. A mass of swarming colours just singing. Or making a song thinking of green makes the most beautiful heartfelt sounds.

    Thank you for sharing. And I think this is a spectacular thing to keep in mind as almost a mantra to centre yourself in your creative processes:)

    The One Taste of the Universe, or How To Experience Synesthesia