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    Here is my story really quick. I graduated high school and knew if I went to college I would fuck it off. I would party and drop out. No doubt in my mind. I heard how people in my class said I would never make it anywhere no college education. They said I would never leave my small town. I joined the Local 86 Iron-Workers Union. I started off making $20.47 an hour. I worked my ass of in the rain, snow and the blistering heat. I landed a Refinery job at Tesoro making $32.49. I was stoked I made 60 grand in 6 months. I loved it for about the first 4 months. I worked 7/12’s. If you know anything about Iron-Workers they are cocky loud mean MEN! That is a stereo type but they are hardcore. I was young and in their world. I had forgotten my name was Geoff. I thought it was mother fucker. Mother fucker get this Mother fucker get that. I loved the image of an Iron-worker. It was me! Well like you I quit something that in the end would def. pay off. Everyone family friends co workers the president of the local told me I was making the worst choice of my life. I didnt care. I want to work for myself. I am an entrepreneur. I moved to Daytona Beach Fl. I own a locator business. I work for Mercedes Lexus Saab Audi Subaru etc. etc. I work from home. I plan to own several business’s. Multiple sources of residual income. Financial Freedom so I can Invest in young inspiring entrepreneurs. Im a huge fan of your website and your story. The best of luck!!!!!!

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