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Life Philosophy

The universe is a vast, chaotic and mysterious place, of which our tiny little planet takes up such a small fraction of space. Furthermore, our species’ time on this planet has been brief, a few minutes out of the year if a year were the age of the universe. Does this mean our lives are insignificant? Not one bit. It means we have not experienced it all, it means progress cannot be stopped, and it means more possibilities. There may be ills plaguing our society, there may be bad blood between members of our human family, but we are still beautiful beings with an infinite capacity for love and a hunger for meaning, for truth and knowledge. We were born of startdust billions of years ago, and the conditions the universe created for us allowed us to thrive and build and achieve great things. I realize this, and I find that I cannot feel powerless, I cannot feel lonely.
We are children of life, of consciousness, of God (whatever god is) and we run on hardware that’s taken millions of years to build. Millions of years of fine-tuning, refocusing, and breaking down barriers, and this is what moves us. We can be inspired, we can imagine and dream, we can feel empathy for others, we can push our bodies beyond physical limits. We can create. We are not perfect, but we strive ever forward toward perfection.
This I have observed, and this I believe. And knowing this, it has given me purpose, direction. It is a path on which I will find happiness, love, peace, and fulfillment, not once I reach a certain destination- there is no destination. It is the path of compassion, of hope for humanity, of defending the rights of every man, woman, and child, of seeking truth, of bettering oneself. Beyond any agendas, any religious dogma or political jargon, beyond any differences in perception, there is the path we must all follow. Created by us, specifically for us, to unite us and help us grow, and it is all there is.

I am...

a lover, a thinker, a daydreamer; an aspiring writer, a voice for change, among other things.


“Life is a gate, a way, a path to Paradise anyway, why not live for fun and joy and love or some sort of girl by a fireside, why not go to your desire and LAUGH” Jack Kerouac

“A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved” Kurt Vonnegut

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule” The Dhammapada

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty” Mahatma Gandhi


Big Sur, Dharma Bums- Jack Kerouac; Sirens of Titan, Breakfast of Champions, Player Piano-Kurt Vonnegut; Catch 22- Joseph Heller; The Inferno- Dante; The Dhammapada; The Self-Aware Universe- Amit Goswami; The Aquarian Conspiracy


Dodos, Lumineers, Cage the Elephant, Third Eye Blind, Grouplove, Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Black Keys, Band of Horses, Manchester Orchestra, The Weakerthans, any other alt-indie rock; anything really, world music, some hiphop, classic rock, classical, i just love music