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Life Philosophy

The meaning of life is that there is meaning.

I am...

Artist and Source-Field Researcher


It is time for us to awaken from the unrealized dreams of materialism — and destroy the façade that has prevented clarity between spirit and science.



Namkhai Norbu: Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light / Dolores Cannon: The Convoluted Universe Series / David Wilcock: Source Field Investigations, The Synchronicity Key / Initiation: Elisabeth Haich / Richard Hoagland: NASA Dark Mission / RA Material: Law of One / Terence McKenna: Food of the Gods / Fingerprints of the Gods: Graham Hancock / Richard Dolan: AD—After Disclosure / Art in Theory 1900-2000 /


528hz, Beach House, Radiohead, Crystal Castles, The Cure, Destroyer, Gang Gang Dance, LCD Soundsystem, Twin Shadow, The Arcade Fire, Interpol

Film & TV

Werner Herzog: Encounters at the End of the World / Stanley Kubrick: 2001—A Space Odyssey / Sophia Coppola: Lost in Translation / George Lucas: Star Wars Trilogy