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Munich, Germany

Life Philosophy

preserve the little kid in yourself and explore the world open minded. But do NOT shit where you eat

I am...

not wired. I am limited edition


“music is what feelings sound like”

“someday you will miss today”

“no one’s really keeping track of how many times you screw up”

“no one will grant your wishes, you better make them happen”

“do it as there is no chance of failing”

“complaining does not solve anything”

“music is my being, my soul, my passion; it is who I am. I am no one without it”

“keep it simple AND stupid”



Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything
The Art of War


Electro, Techno, Swing, Percussion, Old School Rap

Film & TV

Fight Club, Hero, The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, The League, 2 Broke Girls, Breaking Bad

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