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What are the best drugs

Im a mind wanderer and i know alot about how specific stimulants and psychedelics and how they affect the mind but effects vary person to person so im just asking what are some of your fav drugs.

Entity being on Salvia?

has anyone else experienced a female entity during a saliva trip?

Lucid Dreaming.

im aware of Calea zacatechichi (dream herb) but is there any advise out there on lucid dreaming. i always wanted to do drugs in a dream and control my entire dream trip. any insight on how to dream...

Sleep Falling?

Last night i had trouble sleeping because i had this sensation that i was falling through my bed and this happened multiple times. it wasn’t scary it was actually quite pleasant, kind of like...

Molly Paralysis?

Last week on both Thursday and Friday i took 200 milligrams of mdma but Friday night i smoked a very strong indica marijuana plant and became floored and i was able to move but because i was in an...

Trippy Movies?

anyone know of any trippy ass movies? ive seen Enter The Void and the pink floyd movie is there any others?

Shroom Spores

I enjoy hunting shrooms but im pretty much getting bored of it, i know all the necessary steps in growing them but i don’t know where to get spores. Does anyone know any spore websites that is...

BRF Bags made by Out-Grow

i got these bags in which your supposed to inject your spores into, has anyone used these before or does anyone have an opinion on these?

Any Trip Stories?

I just wanted to make a hot discussion with a lot of replies and i also like sharing and listening to trip stories so if you have one feel free to share it and it might also help people who...

Terrorist attacks

Ive hung out with all kinds of people, from conspiracy theorist, to philosophers, and i just want to know what do you guys think about the recent terrorist attacks and threats?

High Food

A real life conversation I’m currently engaged in got me wondering…..What is your favorite food to eat when your high? My favorite is bagels and of course pizza sprinkled with bacon.

Has anyone Tried Optimind?

Optimind is a supplement that is very very effective, i ordered my 10 free capsules as seen in Martijn’s high existence e-mails. Before i get it i just wanna know what to expect.

Meditation Report

I was on a cross country drive with 3 other friends in a small refurbished school bus in which we removed all but 2 seats and laid a bunch of mattresses down. We were on our way from New Jersey to...

Do Drugs Change You?

Do drugs change who you are, or do they unlock your inner being? I started out as a very hood drug user who knew everything there is to know about life but then i had my experiences with psychs and...

Chill vs. Party

I love to chill at home and do stuff by myself or with some friends over simply cause the party scene isn’t for me, I’ve done MDMA at my house and i personally like it better than being at...

MDMA or Methylone

Okay guys, 2 grams of brown MDMA, due to my chemical backround im aware that brown mdma is possible and its a result of failure to wash the final product with acetone. Now to further explain this...