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  • 2014-01-20 @ 13:52:59

    Exercise also increases oxygen to the brain which boosts brain power.
    Doing new activities, exploring new ideas, and staying away from routine also work to increase brain functioning.
    Try to keep doing new things and stay active. When you feel sluggish, so does your brain.

    5 Ways To Harness Neurogenesis: Boost Your Brain

  • 2013-09-30 @ 05:44:50

    Great post. I really enjoyed it. I believe that happiness is our natural state. We are meant to be happy and enjoy life, but so many things happen in life, sometimes we get caught up in a cycle of negativity. Taking control of your mind and thoughts requires daily effort. This article also has some good ideas on finding happiness and maintaining a positive outlook in life: Finding time for yourself each day, doing something you are passionate about – a hobby, a sport, writing, and so on, even if you only have a half an hour to spare for it – can make a difference in your day and refresh your mind and your attitude. Thanks again for posting such a good and honest article.

    Choose Happiness: 5 Ways To Get Out Of a Funk