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  • 2012-09-22 @ 20:01:50

    My friend told me the other day that DeJa Vu is just when like, your mind stops recording for a second, and so like everything is brand new to you, but since you just saw it like a milli-second ago, it makes you feel like you remember seeing it a long time ago. I thought that was pretty cool.

    A Fun, Little Mind-Trick For Déjà Vu’s

  • 2012-06-13 @ 11:58:46

    @jordan, Damn dude. I’m almost mad at you because of how awesome this is. It reminds me of the Venus project a little. Which is awesome. Literally, I’ve DREAMED about being able to create something like this. But I’m only 17 and I mean, what the hell can I do you know? I’ve always thought about how I could pull off something like this and I’m almost jealous of you that you’re able to do it first. With the small community at first and then the growing and stuff. Exactly how I imagined it.

    I know you’ve imagined all the incredible possibilities of a flourishing society like this. I’ve always thought to myself how much more progress our society as a whole could make if we led lives happily, and quite frankly, just like this.

    Long story short, I’m down to change the world. Let’s do it. I’m in. How can I join?

    How We Can (Actually) Change The World – Pt. 3/3