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Life Philosophy

Is it possible for music to truly transform your experience? We think so. With the right intent and preparation, we believe music can, and often does touch the soul, causing it to lock-in to the primal pattern of rebirth and new life inside each and everyone of us.

Disease, mental fatigue and stress can cover the natural rhythm of conscious breath, causing mis-interpretation of reality. Over time a misinterpretation of reality leads to boxed in thinking, stress, and unfulfilled life situations. Healing music has the power to remind us that no fear or situation can truly hold us hostage. The power of vibration helps us locate the core of Christ within and immediately resonate with truth instead of what is passing.

This healing music is designed to open the heart to it’s infinity, restoring power and peace to the mind and body. Through many spiritual traditions, music has been used to focus the mind, and quiet the stirring worries of material life. Healing music opens us to something more than mundane experience, revealing our divine nature and possibility.

In a quiet 30 minute meditation, it is entirely possible to let go of cares and embrace wholeness, dignity, and our natural, relaxed way of being. Soft meditation music helps to bring focus and set the tone for inner balance.

As you listen, let the music take you on a journey. Observe your own thoughts and watch your heart soften into tranquility and silence.

I am...

Let your cares fade in this calming ambient music. Use it to effortlessly open space for meditation, devotion, prayer, yoga, or inner balance. Enjoy peaceful layers of sound that slowly transform, leading you deeper into tranquil bliss.