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  • 2014-04-20 @ 13:32:05

    This is great stuff, wish people would learn this at school in their teenager years, would be much more healthy. Though not the asexual part, because otherwise later on people don’t feel aroused by anything anymore if people punish themselves for having sexual urges linked to porn, creative imagination is a good thing, but if they get the wrong attitude towards sex nothing is even fun anymore, people become slaves of their urges and don’t feel love, only addictive desire or people punish themselves for having sexual urges. But yeah the addiction part totally agree with that, it changes peoples brains for the worst, and also how people perceive relationships with each other only based on sex, and leaving the love part behind, because they don’t show that in porn. Sad that the younger generation doesn’t know this when they grow up..One major pro for porn is for people who don’t consider sex to be fun or inspirational (like lots of repressed women or in culture where everything happens behind the scenes and females are abused and then people get asexual in that way porn can be creative to help have a fearless and open attitude towards sex). You should tell this at sex education on schools, it could change a lot of kids lives for the better if they know what they are doing.

    How Porn Is Re-Wiring Your Brain: How Short Term Pleasure Might Cause Long Term Damage

  • 2013-05-15 @ 08:51:31

    Hm, i’m thinking a lot about the influence of expectations and how that can lead to failure or happiness only because you expected something else..But is it not that expectation is awakened because people think positive about the action they are going to undertake, otherwise why would you act at all? If you dont expect anything, you would never act, the action in general suggests that you want to change something in your experience, so you expect things to change for the better if you do the action. Like for example traveling, there is an expectation for doing such an action, you might experience something new, different, freedom, love or peace or you learn new things..expecting great things to happen also means that you want to attract positive things by being in this mindset of attracting what you want, or doesn’t it work like that? that is why people might expect something or wish for maybe there is a difference between expecting and positive or wishful thinking, like expecting means taking some outcome for granted while in fact it isn’t?

    How Expectations Color Our Beautiful World