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David Icke – Do You REALLY Want to Know This??

A great speech on our society today. well worth a listen. Thanks to youtube user jayforlouise for original upload.

Eckhart Tolle ◦ Tao Te Ching ◦ Waves of Awakening

♥ ~ Namasté Dear Ones, Sacred Sangha of Earth ◦ Recognize who you truly are Beloved Beings of Presence ◦ We are One ◦ Unified, we raise Humanity Embodiments of the Universe ◦ Sharing the...

The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience | OFFICIAL RELEASE 2011

Please consider donating $1 to our next documentary Please support the film in this festival!!...

Top 5 Videos Of Alan Watts

Psychedelic experience is only a glimpse of genuine mystical insight, but a glimpse which can be...

Martijn Schirp

Ellie describes astral projection

Ellie, age seven, being interviewed after her astral projection practice.