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The universe

Life Philosophy

We are all love.

I am...

You. You are me. We are one.
A warrior of light and an immortal student of the universe. I am here to be the change I want to see on this Earth and help others onto the same path as well. We are all divine beings, we are all ONE; Separation is only an illusion we have chosen to create. We all have the amazing power to co-create our own realities. Raise your vibrations and move away from fear; focus on finding love within yourself!!!! ∞xoxo∞


I am a miracle made up of particles.

Matter is energy. Energy is light. We are all beings of Light. – Albert Einstein




The law of one

Suggest some good reads for me :)


Medicine for the people
Matt Costa
Matt and Kim
Empire of the sun
Mumford and sons

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The media tries to brainwash us all wahwahwahhhhhhhh :p