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Life Philosophy

I want to learn about life and everything it has to offer. I have dreams and goals I will always work forward to achieve but it’s a continual process that takes time. I want to find the limits to the human mind and body with mental capacity for knowledge and physical endurance.

I am...

I am in search of the next greatest thing to life itself… the understanding of life and a sense of enlightenment.


“I like deep thinking,
cause without it, there would only be shallow thinking,
and what’s the fun in a conversation if it’s so shallow you can always see where it goes?”


I just started reading again. I love it. I read every day, whether it’s online or reading out of a book, I deeply believe that language is one of the single most important ways people can grow their minds and expand mental horizons.


Music is part of my every day routine. I’m learning how to play my ukulele, and I produce music with Abletone Live.

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