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Marks? do they reflect the real level of the students?

Hey! so, i just got my results and i was petrified! i keep getting bad marks in literature even though i love it and i always read books and study it hard. i thinks its because i analyze the passages...

education vs work.

People say that your education is the only factor that will determine your job in the future. what do you think? and how could anyone be successful professionally without a great degree?

Caffeine Intake?

What’s your weapon of choice? How much are you consuming? I’ve started to drink coffee regularly. Never thought I would. sometimes I supplement with energy drinks and caffeine gum. not the...

Personal Conflicts: Relations, thoughts, comments, advice

This is a recent diary entry, so prepare yourself for some raw personal conversation. I decided to share this because..well I figured somebody on here would get what I’m thinking. "Turn...

Hey Everyone,

It’s 3:40 AM where I am. Insomnia is striking again. Let’s talk about something.

Do you ever see weird things?

I’ve talked with a few of my closest friends about this before, because I sometimes (more and more frequently, lately) see odd things that are hard to describe and I wondered if they do, too. I...


I just finished reading Siddhartha for the first time. Wow… I won’t be on here for a bit, time to talk a little less and learn a little more.

Blog idea

I’ve been tossing around an idea the last couple of months of starting a blog dedicated to summarizing wikileak cables. Probably just a couple a day (If I do it alone). I was thinking that there...

Your deepest Insecurities?

I just want to say, briefly, that I’ve been reading the posts on this and other discussions and this forum just seems gentle and friendly and everyone seems quite mature and nice. Its weird to...

Which messenger service do you use?

*wonders how many people have actually gotten a random IM from this post…..grins mischievously*