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    1. I hope you all can enjoi the qualities of the world.
    2. Holding down the fort with my girl
    3. How? I learned a bunch of things, whether it is right or wrong I know how I perceive something and an idea on a way to deal with it, learn from it, and move on.
    4. Paintballer, Skateboarder, Drum Teacher/Hackysack instructor
    5. My 91st year
    6. Cursing so much.. so often
    7. Speech upgrade
    8. Absolutely nothing. I would carry on and still believe in what I have experienced.
    9. Hayden Faery Girl Johnson.
    10. Absolutely.
    11. I work at a funeral home. Self explanatory
    12. Buying a boat, a car, a new identification card (x3), a house, and I would start living with random people for weeks at a time.
    13. It is not your obligation to invite me in, but I have an obligation to enjoy my existence either way, even if I have to suffer.
    14. Not quite, maybe when I move out and start making myself better.
    15. Yeah, and the state too.
    16. Not sure who’d show up.. I’m having my girl bring a Peach Arizona and putting it in my hands. So maybe that I was carefree…
    18. Help them with their current obstacle, Today was a very fulfilled day.
    19. Nope
    20. Not too much, maybe my uncle behaving the way he does

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