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  • 2015-11-28 @ 19:16:57

    Now this is a comment where everyone wins. Thanks.

    George Orwell on the 7 Ways Politicians Abuse Language to Deceive You

  • 2015-11-28 @ 19:08:44

    You shouldn’t be microdosing ayahuasca because ayahausca contains an MAOI, and MAOI’s need to be at higher doses in order to be active at all. MAOI’s make things complicated because they can make normally safe foods toxic. Although microdosing with ayahuasca I have done before and can say it is awesome, you can’t do this often, unless your diet consists of basically nothing.

    Microdosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics

  • 2015-11-28 @ 19:07:29

    LSD is around $10-15 for 100 micrograms if you can find it. You’d have to dilute it from here (that’s 10 microdoses!)

    Microdosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics

  • 2015-11-27 @ 22:20:39

    So be it.

    George Orwell on the 7 Ways Politicians Abuse Language to Deceive You

  • 2015-11-27 @ 20:57:55

    You have the option of not making other people feel inferior to you, and this method will greatly help if your intention is to show people new information. If you’d like to dispute something, the last thing you want to do is attempt to make people feel stupid, as their first reaction won’t be acceptance, it will be defense. Why make the discussion confrontational immediately?
    I’d just like to point out, as I find it ironic in a humorous way, that you disputed Orwellian thought, quickly followed by discussing the illuminati, and the existence of a new world order agency.
    This last paragraph is an example of how I create a confrontation when there doesn’t need to be one.

    George Orwell on the 7 Ways Politicians Abuse Language to Deceive You

  • 2015-11-26 @ 21:34:11

    When presenting someone with a counter argument to something they have just fully presented you with by simply demanding them to “do their own research” puts you in no good position, and in effect makes whatever information you’re trying to convey hostile. You will flip no lids this way. That is to say, you will do very little to defend your own stance by telling people to take it upon themselves. In such a scenario, the weight lays on you to present something. Beyond that, however, you’re condescending, which isn’t going to help either.

    George Orwell on the 7 Ways Politicians Abuse Language to Deceive You

  • 2015-11-26 @ 21:31:03

    Although I regret my choice of the word ‘debunk’, here you go:

    George Orwell on the 7 Ways Politicians Abuse Language to Deceive You

  • 2015-11-07 @ 13:12:50

    Hey mistakes happen, Alan watts was no foreigner to learning.

    Alan Watts’ 3-Part Advice to Married Couples (And to All Who Look For Love)

  • 2015-10-29 @ 13:39:25

    So to make this an actual useful post, here is what basically has been taken from her, and transmuted through my brain, and it largely leverages on the two last points Alan makes. The first point is proper, but age is age, people should realize that, for certain.

    But: “Love” and relationships are very, very twisted in our society, and, in fact, nearly all societies. Westerners don’t have it the worst, but we certainly haven’t managed to really understand our potential in monogamous relationships.

    Which is the first point; monogamy is not a rule, its a symptom, a side-product, and outcome of a very strong relationship. We all do ourselves a great unjustice when we ‘label’ ourselves. The colloquial phrase “What are we?”, type pillow-talk after sex or snuggling, whatever, is a set up for a hard time. Answering this with any affirmative label immediately sets boundaries, rules, and expectations.

    The problem is, no two people on earth are going to have the exact same boundaries, rules, and expectations – yet we make a binding agreement that we both understand what being ‘in a relationship’ means. I.E. the guy knows exactly what the girl wants from her ‘boyfriend’ and vice-versa. This is a catastrophe. It’s almost like having a beer with a stranger, having a great conversation, and then hiring them as your new partner in your business. Sure, they seem cool, but now you’ve got expectations they are required to fill, or you’re going to have a difficult time.
    To sum this point up: Labels dramatically detract from possibilities, and dramatically increase the probability of getting hurt, because you have set up expectations without actively communicating them, simply by assuming that both of your societal beliefs overlap perfectly – that your expectations are totally understandable, and agreed upon, without actually listing them, regardless of how abstract they are.

    Secondly, getting hurt by others is only possible if you do yourself the harm of allowing it to happen. We must realize that we never, EVER, own anyone. Nobody ever becomes ‘ours’ – they are forever free, from anybody. Regardless of how tight some relationship may seem, there is always the possibility of curiosity, and wanting of something new and different. It’s known that one of the most major influences of increasing testosterone is, in fact, having sex with a new partner. And testosterone feels good, objectively (subjectively).

    When you raise your understanding that all people are simply going to do what they want and need to do, you cannot possibly get hurt. You may be sad, you may have hoped for a different outcome, but when someone you love and care for finds another partner, you must raise yourself so high, that this simply becomes objective observation, and that these changes are good for everyone. There are, really, only two outcomes; the other person becomes happier, or they realize this was a mistake. The prior will become an altruistic action through you. The latter will become a strength test for both of you – whether they can make the return to you, and whether you’re strong enough to accept it.

    Basically, it all comes down to expectations. We expect things in relationships without communicating them, without fully revealing everything we think entails ‘a relationship’ – that ‘label’ of boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, whatever. Don’t dwell on such things, rather, let things simply happen. Don’t put a box around the ones you love and care for.

    Alan Watts’ 3-Part Advice to Married Couples (And to All Who Look For Love)

  • 2015-10-29 @ 03:21:07

    Nah just conversations… Messages and personal talk. :D

    Alan Watts’ 3-Part Advice to Married Couples (And to All Who Look For Love)

  • 2015-10-28 @ 18:13:39

    All my thoughts on love and shit come from Ellie from this site. She’s so amazing. I’d marry her <3

    Alan Watts’ 3-Part Advice to Married Couples (And to All Who Look For Love)

  • 2015-10-25 @ 23:46:18

    Good luck Jordan. Your site impacted me in many ways I can point a finger at, and equally many that I can’t easily quantify.

    I remember reading the alternative sleep-phase cycles possible, and I was sold that this website was interesting. The blog posts are what brought me here, but it was ultimately the discussions that made me stay. My ability to critique myself, my own ideas has really blossomed since becoming a member here. Being able to admit I’m wrong, and welcoming other’s opinions has been one of the most influential pieces of change this site has brought me – there are so many intelligent, thought-provoking participants of these forums.

    I’ve come here often to discuss my radical experiences with mind-altering substances, and their after effects. I’ve evolved quite a lot from this. I’ve come here to put out my own political and moral belief systems, which have been tested and changed, and again, I’ve come to know myself better because of this site.

    Hope you make some more great impacts Jordan. Martijn and the others will do a fine job.

    Creative Destruction: A Farewell Letter to Jordan Lejuwaan (And A Message to All HEthens Regarding the Future of HighExistence)

  • 2015-10-09 @ 11:09:52

    Some drugs let you dive into inner pain and boredom. This is why I take them, to observe these fully and to remove them from my life in a constructive, full, and true manner.

    OPINION: Age requirement to buy pot should be 16, not 18

  • 2015-10-08 @ 14:25:14

    18 is a good age. I don’t think laws have a place with such things, really, but I think people of the age ~16 are have a higher risk/reward from these drugs. It should be treated as a much more serious thing than it currently is. We need more communication about the intensity these drugs can actually have. Most people smoke themselves into a great tolerance very quickly, completely glancing over the more introspective and powerful properties of a ‘fresh’ dose of THC.

    OPINION: Age requirement to buy pot should be 16, not 18

  • 2015-08-25 @ 17:21:36

    The issue isn’t tied to sexuality, this underlies all of our sociological problems, everything we see is a dichotomy. We are taught from age zero that things are either this or that. That men are either sexually abusive or not. That christianity is bad or not. That porn is bad or not. That money is bad or not. That dressing sexy is bad or not.
    We polarize every fucking issue we come into contact with. Trying desperately to simplify things of yes or no.
    Heaven forbid we attempt to take on all subjects as a per-event basis, or that we acknowledge that sociology gives rise to gray areas.

    The Danger in Demonizing Male Sexuality

  • 2015-08-17 @ 20:38:12

    Pink Floyd would certainly be great. Not all people will react to the same artists similarly, nor with weed! Give it a try, I’m sure it wouldn’t be boring, at the very least :)

    A Verified Astral Projection-Like Experience

  • 2015-08-05 @ 18:35:52

    I don’t see any reason that they would be mutually exclusive… I love John Lovelock’s theory. I also don’t see any reason why Earth as a whole is simply not a multi-organismal organism.

    Life of Gaia – Scientific Fact or Wishful Thinking?

  • 2015-07-29 @ 14:58:58

    I love when teacher’s question this paradigm. I had a fantastic teacher, Stefano Bloch, who made all the students question why the f*ck they were listening to him, why did they give him credit, why were they all focused on him?
    He made us question how we sat in class, how classrooms were shaped, and made a great impact on me.
    If you ever stumble upon a Mr. Stefano Bloch, ask him how his day has been.

    Conformity at school

  • 2015-07-29 @ 14:56:11

    The illusion of reality is built upon collective perspectives.

    How would you caption this image?

  • 2015-07-22 @ 09:50:38

    I find there is no difference between “there is no meaning” and “everything has meaning”.

    21st-Century Sisyphus: Brilliant Comic Asks if Your Life is Meaningless

  • 2015-07-22 @ 09:49:25

    Hard to say.This is truly pushing the limits of optimism. But, really, it has a grand point: all is perspective, or “all is opinion” as marcus aurelius said.

    21st-Century Sisyphus: Brilliant Comic Asks if Your Life is Meaningless

  • 2015-07-21 @ 16:58:28


    21st-Century Sisyphus: Brilliant Comic Asks if Your Life is Meaningless

  • 2015-05-28 @ 15:13:37

    Atheism is just the new trend. It makes people feel ‘smart’ to call themselves an atheist, as if they know something more about reality than a theist. Anyone who claims to know anything is a fool.

    Everything Wrong and Right With Modern Atheism

  • 2015-05-20 @ 18:38:31

    This still doesn’t explain it though, it just puts the answer further away. It’s similar to someone going to a cave-man and saying you’re self-aware because of your brain. This seems like an explanation, but really, you just shined a light 5 meters down an infinitely long cave.

    Physicist Says Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter

  • 2015-05-20 @ 12:56:06

    Amanita Muscaria?! It’s a sick tattoo, but as a stickler for the geographic region where amanita muscaria grows and where our distant ancestors developed… I’m probably annoyingly nerdy

    My stoned ape theory / evolution tattoo I just got done :)

  • 2015-05-06 @ 20:28:04


    To Master the Demon

  • 2015-05-05 @ 21:58:56

    It’s cool. Dawkin’s is smart, but he’s not empathetic. He has an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality, and loves to point fingers.

    How to explain children about the irrationality of religion?

  • 2015-04-01 @ 12:40:46

    For those of you who have podcast apps – look up “Warrior Poet” on the podcast app, and this is #29 with Cory Allen

    Warrior Poet Project Podcast #29: Cory Allen

  • 2015-04-01 @ 12:38:44

    Tell me what you think! This podcast completely wraps up my internal narrative of the past 10 years in a way only two completely comfortable-with-themselves dudes can do. A must watch/listen. An absolute must!

    Warrior Poet Project Podcast #29: Cory Allen

  • 2015-03-20 @ 15:18:05

    yeah, a quote is worth about 15 seconds of inspiration…

    The Overuse of Quotes – Banksy

  • 2015-03-19 @ 21:19:49

    So go work in a cubicle?


  • 2015-03-17 @ 19:32:54

    Heavy shit.
    This makes me cringe. Anyone not find this cringe-worthy?


  • 2015-03-17 @ 00:47:05

    Lol. I’d totally give up on any skirmishes, too. Jesus, that would be a strange setting for LSD!

    LSD Testing (British Troops)

  • 2015-03-15 @ 21:06:01

    You don’t get psilocybin or MDMA from it. You are only supporting researcher’s availability. I.E. It will be much cheaper and easier for low-funded researchers to do clinical trials if this is supported – they won’t have to pay hundreds per gram for these substance from places like sigma-aldrich.

    Non-profit produced MDMA & psychedelics

  • 2015-03-14 @ 17:01:42

    I just wanna squeeze duncan. He’s so adorable.

    Aubrey Marcus ” Joe Rogan (Podcast Site)

  • 2015-03-14 @ 14:27:19

    Life is strange, for sure.

    Real Mental Illness

  • 2015-03-13 @ 20:40:41

    Martijn, do you get fairly regular and good quality sleep? Sleep is what I find to be a deciding factor in all cognitive enhancement.

    Neurochemical Overclocking: How To Unlock the Hidden Powers of Your Mind & Boost Productivity

  • 2015-03-13 @ 20:36:42

    Respect these guys, who have made HighExistence, trying to make some sort of financial support from it. They put in a lot of effort and have done some pretty great things in bringing information, and people, together.

    Neurochemical Overclocking: How To Unlock the Hidden Powers of Your Mind & Boost Productivity

  • 2015-03-13 @ 20:23:50

    It was alright, I liked other JRE with Aubrey better.

    Aubrey Marcus ” Joe Rogan (Podcast Site)

  • 2015-03-13 @ 20:23:13

    He’s got a good point! Perhaps we’ve got it all wrong.

    Russell Brand: We Love the Police!

  • 2015-03-13 @ 17:32:29

    What do you think?
    Is Huxley right? Those that are most successful and developed in our society are actually the most sick?

    Real Mental Illness

  • 2015-03-13 @ 14:50:58

    Haven’t listened to it yet. Will be listening right after I post it! Let’s listen together :)

    Aubrey Marcus ” Joe Rogan (Podcast Site)

  • 2015-03-04 @ 21:58:31

    What do you feel about the coming robotic revolution? The coming virtual reality revolution?

    Invention Factory: How Will Robots Evolve?

  • 2015-02-28 @ 15:01:58

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. I doubt it. 5 or 6 months in Europe?!

    I’m 32, and Last Week I Retired – Chapter I : Musings on Money, Monotony and Madness

  • 2015-02-25 @ 18:07:43

    Prepare yourself for an onslaught of envy. I envy you. Bon voyage on a journey I hope I can parallel in some way in my future!

    I’m 32, and Last Week I Retired – Chapter I : Musings on Money, Monotony and Madness

  • 2015-02-23 @ 20:15:59

    Must-read this “Ask Me Anything” with Edward Snowden and two other privacy-rights activists.

    Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald

  • 2015-02-20 @ 18:34:54

    I don’t even get it… aren’t they both decorations of space and time? It’s not like art just disappears…? Bleh I think it could be worded better.

    Art is How We Decorate Space; Music is How We Decorate Time

  • 2015-02-20 @ 14:54:15

    Man, that picture is depressing.

    MDMA Therapy: Tom Shroder & Nicholas Blackstone On Finding Your Inner Healer

  • 2015-02-20 @ 14:42:20

    @tangledupinplaid check out that background

    Specialization is for insects

  • 2015-02-20 @ 14:41:21


    Specialization is for insects

  • 2015-02-20 @ 02:15:19

    an exceptionally well crafted video, I spent hours editing this.

    Specialization is for insects

  • 2015-02-19 @ 20:18:57

    Hahaha :) So you’re saying it’s a way to make my bad art look good, huh?

    An Artists Attempt To Revolutionize Portrait Painting – A Personal Story By David Kassan

  • 2015-02-19 @ 19:40:51

    I personally love black and white, but I’d like to make some pieces that branch out into other’s choices. (One of my most common ‘critiques’ is “Now color it!”) *face palm*

    An Artists Attempt To Revolutionize Portrait Painting – A Personal Story By David Kassan

  • 2015-02-19 @ 19:31:24

    Pretty much exclusively. I’ve started to incorporate some color, but I haven’t laid out the cash to get copic markers, so the quality and selection of those colors is pretty limited.

    An Artists Attempt To Revolutionize Portrait Painting – A Personal Story By David Kassan

  • 2015-02-19 @ 16:15:44

    One day I want to work with paints… I’m color-challenged, though.

    An Artists Attempt To Revolutionize Portrait Painting – A Personal Story By David Kassan

  • 2015-02-16 @ 18:48:58

    HAhahahaha! The picture itself is so funny.

    Experts Urge Getting Up, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back

  • 2015-02-11 @ 21:16:44

    one of those “no shit” experiments, but it always helps to read it from a scientific source :)

    Study: Hiking Makes You Happier

  • 2015-02-09 @ 16:38:25

    “Get a job where you’re not walking in the mud all day.” Someone has to do it, Joe.

    Joe Rogan Explains Where Society Failed Us

  • 2015-02-07 @ 14:10:49

    I understand the concept.

    A concise history of black/white relations in the U.S.

  • 2015-02-06 @ 12:47:31

    There are a lot of ‘affirmative action’ programs that REQUIRE you to hire a certain # of people with ‘non-white’ skin… If companies are FORCED to hire upon race or creed or economic background racism and discrimination will continue.

    A concise history of black/white relations in the U.S.

  • 2015-02-05 @ 20:48:56

    You need to do a lot of research…

    Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts.

  • 2015-02-05 @ 17:49:04

    They kind of make sense, but it still is reverse racism, the discrimination is still there…

    A concise history of black/white relations in the U.S.

  • 2015-02-05 @ 16:05:01

    lol, wind shield wiper the sticker

    Stop a Douchebag Squad – Epic

  • 2015-02-05 @ 16:01:10

    Although I partially agree, large amounts of these drugs still fueled the cartel and very violent gangs. So although the consumers themselves could bypass this, the real violence is still being supported. I’m afraid as long as drugs are illegal this will be the case.

    Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts.

  • 2015-02-05 @ 15:59:52

    There are plenty, I believe. I haven’t gone on the dark net for a while though, but silk road was still operational after his arrest.

    Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht found guilty on all counts.

  • 2015-02-02 @ 13:27:59

    You absolutely need to! This is probably the best podcast I’ve ever heard, it brightened my whole day.

    Warrior Poet Project #44

  • 2015-02-01 @ 21:53:05

    Its interesting they have dogs, and their hair isn’t like crazy long. An amazing video though, really thought provoking. I want to watch this high :D

    Tribe meets white man for the first time

  • 2015-02-01 @ 18:07:32

    All of it.

    Warrior Poet Project #44

  • 2015-01-28 @ 12:05:46

    I have an issue with Bill Gate’s involvement in Africa. It’s largely in conjunction with monsanto or syngenta. At the end of the day, I believe the Gate’s foundation sees Africa as a ‘new market’. Basically… as money. Sure they increase survival, but the reason is so they can spend more money on what he’s invested in.

    Bill & Melinda Gates: Our Big Bet

  • 2015-01-26 @ 16:50:25

    It’s a punny joke. “Rolling”

    MDMA: The Movie

  • 2015-01-26 @ 14:39:54

    Shulgin is rolling in his grave

    MDMA: The Movie

  • 2015-01-24 @ 19:10:04

    This isn’t new, transcription factors have been known and studied for decades. I don’t know when this became ‘news’ again.

    Junk DNA Is Not Junk After All

  • 2015-01-24 @ 13:58:41

    I’ll add another thing that helps me get things done: Changing body position. Not just the room/area you work in, but how you’re doing it. Sitting for one stretch of work, then perhaps laying down for another (on stomach), then standing for some more.

    Sitting constantly is no bueno! A lot of new research is saying it’s a pretty substantial drag on our life time!

    This Will Revolutionize Your Work Day: The 7P Productivity System

  • 2015-01-22 @ 15:31:52

    When I clicked on the link from the front page, it doesn’t have a scroll bar. I’m stuck at the picture and can’t read any of the post. Once you replied to me, and I clicked that, it brought me to a full page.

    This Will Revolutionize Your Work Day: The 7P Productivity System

  • 2015-01-22 @ 14:53:26

    I can’t scroll down, lol.

    This Will Revolutionize Your Work Day: The 7P Productivity System

  • 2015-01-22 @ 12:20:25

    Ehhhh I don’t believe it’s that simple either. If the other side doesn’t accept you, but you continue to push forward with the same perspective, you’re going to polar people. A good example of this is our congress. Both sides think they are pushing ‘truth’ and making ‘positive change’ for society, yet they are at a stale mate.

    Feminism is a man’s fight

  • 2015-01-20 @ 22:19:34

    I don’t think we should be silent either. I am just not in favor of the arguments/points: “But it benefits you too!”

    They don’t seem to work in my experience.

    Feminism is a man’s fight

  • 2015-01-20 @ 18:33:38

    Eh. I like the effort, and the vantage point is true. I’m just not a fan of trying to appeal to the opposing party by saying “but its good for you too!”

    It feels too similar to the environmentalists trying to tell the financial analysts that being sustainable is economically beneficial. It feels like my knee’s buckled out and I’m pleading for my king to just accept common knowledge for the sake of everyone. IT feels like I’m ass kissing when I do this.

    We shouldn’t NEED to point out why feminism (I really detest that word) is an obvious concept to embrace. We shouldn’t be at a point where saying equal opportunity for all is a good thing. We shouldn’t have to try and sway men’s opinions (and women’s) to accept the idea that treating each other with the same expectations and cultural responsibilities is ‘correct’.

    Just the same as an environmentalist shouldn’t have to point out the economic benefits of not burning the fucking planet to the ground.

    Feminism is a man’s fight

  • 2015-01-14 @ 12:55:55


    To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

  • 2015-01-12 @ 17:36:37

    Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to try this for the sake of science and psychology.

    To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

  • 2014-12-12 @ 20:30:54


    Stunning 3D Graffiti

  • 2014-12-07 @ 19:19:22

    I think that is definitely a future path. There are already innercity neighborhoods that are in the majority organic and near-sustainable families. I think it’s a good idea to put the house you buy secondary to the neighborhood you live in, and not just crime-rates and such, but the PEOPLE that you are going to be living with and near!

    Why I gave up living in an off-grid commune

  • 2014-12-07 @ 16:34:16

    This was sobering and powerful. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this.

    Why I gave up living in an off-grid commune

  • 2014-12-03 @ 15:06:03

    I’m so fucking pissed off about this. I can’t fucking stand the cartel. The cartel needs to fucking be wiped out. “Terrorists” in the middle east? Terrorists are right fucking at our border. The most terror-inducing group that exists right now is right there. Right fucking there.

    Whats Happening in Mexico.

  • 2014-12-01 @ 16:31:39

    I’m aware.

    “You smoke? But you have a kid?”

  • 2014-11-30 @ 20:13:22

    read it, its clearly satire

    Richard Dawkins Renounces Atheism After DMT

  • 2014-11-30 @ 20:13:06


    Richard Dawkins Renounces Atheism After DMT

  • 2014-11-30 @ 12:42:00

    Why can’t you do all that stuff sober? And a kid eats kief? Yeah, I believe that. I’m sure a kid would love the taste of tobacco too…

    “You smoke? But you have a kid?”

  • 2014-11-30 @ 12:33:42

    Did you guys read the article?
    “Describing evolution as “bollocks” and burning his copy of The Origin Of Species Dawkins claims that the “machine elves” showed him a higher plane of existence, called him a supercilious cunt and told him to “stop being such a po-faced and certain dick-rocketeer”.”

    Richard Dawkins Renounces Atheism After DMT

  • 2014-11-28 @ 21:19:49

    I love, fucking love how he says “FOR YOU”. It makes the whole video.

    Louis C.K. “If God Came Back”

  • 2014-11-24 @ 18:51:38

    It’s one of the most insane emotions you can feel, that first realization that your mom and dad are just normal people, once children like you were. The larger, more diffuse realization that your friends also are like you, they go home and think, ponder, cry and laugh when you’re not there. The extent of this branches over through all countries and homes – suddenly the world becomes not some distant thing to visit, but a world housing a billion universes, a billion realities, a billion perspectives.
    It’s mind blowing on a scale that the mind can’t even blow!

    The Realization That Everyone Has A Story

  • 2014-11-22 @ 19:58:07


    Sometimes you can’t go back, but that’s okay

  • 2014-11-21 @ 22:00:08

    Right? Was a refreshing read.

    Being Single Is Not To Look For Love

  • 2014-10-22 @ 16:49:26

    It’s a great post. You’re a great writer and a great mind.
    One of the unfortunate aspects of this new sexual saturation in our era is the unbalance. My last relationship had this happen to it. While I started to value the closeness, the sensuality of the relationship more and more, she desired the sexual aspect alone more and more. All things became leads to sex, not the act itself was enjoyed. Spending time together was pleasant, but if intercourse didn’t happen, the event was mutable in the mind. It was as if orgasm was the sole purpose of the relationship, while sensuality was just a means to an end.

    Now it seems that if one person is sexually saturated, via porn or otherwise, it’s almost looked down upon to enjoy caressing, snuggling, and non-sexual intimacy. As if mere company and friendship by themselves are useless, they must lead to ‘wild’ sex.

    And yet, even on another level, I find it disturbing that two people who value sexuality over sensuality will find it easier to be in a relationship than two that value the inverse. Sensuality often is heavier, and the person must become more vulnerable, while hyper-sexual people often can hide behind the fact that ‘it’s just sex’.

    From Sex to Sensuality – Restoring Balance in a Sex-Obsessed Culture

  • 2014-10-20 @ 15:49:23

    :) <3
    "Furthermore, one day, whether it is in one hundred or one hundred thousand years, there will be no memory, trace, or evidence that you once lived."
    I couldn't disagree more with this. The universe itself is evidence you lived. Every action has a reaction, and your body is echoed through the cosmos, forever.

    Think Long And Hard About Your Own Death If You Want To Live

  • 2014-10-13 @ 23:54:43

    lol, shit.

    What a bunch of bunk bullshit. I was always curious, though. Thanks.

    Transcendental Meditation: How I Paid $2,500 For a Password to Inner Peace

  • 2014-09-25 @ 19:17:02

    Way cool. I have to argue a lot of this can’t be learned by reading a book. You are born with it, or you train the fucking hell out of it. Training a new personality is not simple with friends and family, humans don’t like to change our appearance to people, it’s a difficult task. Training is much easier with strangers, but takes quite a bit more gusto and confidence to initiate.


    This Is the Secret to Bill Clinton’s Charisma [Video Breakdown]

  • 2014-09-18 @ 13:30:17

    A couple months ago I started to think about breaking out the fire extinguisher.

    It’s ridiculous how I will have this conversation point, and people attempt to defend advertisement space.

    Brilliant Comic of Banksy’s Harsh Truth About Advertisement

  • 2014-08-11 @ 17:07:19

    I wasn’t very interested in VR at first, but I started to realize the potential of this is absolutely limitless. You can experience the overview effect; (Which I think you wrote about!) at will. You can experience traumatic things, as well as beautiful things. You can train yourself in all types of psychological scenarios to come out on top. I am now convinced VR is going to revolutionize many aspects of our experience on Earth.

    The Spiritual Nature of Virtual Reality

  • 2014-07-14 @ 16:35:46

    The most interesting and novel thing I’ve read in a long time.

    Microdosing: The Revolutionary Way of Using Psychedelics

  • 2014-06-18 @ 17:25:59

    Drew a girl a picture in 8th grade. I’m 24, but every time I see her, she tells me she still has it. I had forgotten about it for many years, she brought it up. A big heart, wrapped in ribbons, with her name on it.

    What is the Most Beautiful and Uplifting Thing You Can Say to Someone?

  • 2014-06-03 @ 16:30:49

    My next adventure. Thanks Sam. I also read your post on the forum about this as well. I would love to do this in a ceremonial setting though, I think that is my next step – I’ve done my fair share of solo trips.

    The Ultimate Guide to Iboga: How To Extract, Use & Learn

  • 2014-05-14 @ 13:22:18

    Riverside, CA

    Improv Changed My Life: 10 Ways It Will Make YOU Awesome

  • 2014-05-13 @ 16:26:31

    I can’t find any :(

    Improv Changed My Life: 10 Ways It Will Make YOU Awesome

  • 2014-05-13 @ 14:27:23

    So great.

    Improv Changed My Life: 10 Ways It Will Make YOU Awesome

  • 2014-05-05 @ 17:03:42

    Old Boy. hahaha

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Pt. 3

  • 2014-04-29 @ 09:30:29

    Be transparent. Don’t hide yourself.

    The Real Secret to Making People Like You

  • 2014-04-21 @ 10:14:19

    Interesting… putting money where your mouth is might actually work

    Ultimate Guide to Goal Hacking: 5 Scientifically Proven Methods to Accomplish Anything

  • 2014-04-14 @ 10:58:37

    Live everyday like a vacation

    Why Single-Tasking is Surprisingly Sublime

  • 2014-02-25 @ 19:35:42

    Really great. It took me such a long time to see that when I was angry – it was because of my own thoughts and intentions, and not others. Further, it took me even longer to find that when someone was angry at me – it was because of them! Not me! Therefore all negativity from yourself, is avoidable, and all negativity from others, isn’t negativity to you at all – it is their own suffering.

    I have long since had negative / panicky / anxiety issues. They would be triggered subconsciously, and thus incredibly difficult to relate to anything. They would just flash up, and I would need to retrace my ‘mental-steps’ in order to find the source. I would ask ‘why does that really make me feel bad?’

    Nearly every event can be pulled all the way back to fear itself, and loneliness. All problems stem from these two mental states, and more often than not, all our negativity comes from fear of being fearful, or fear of being lonely.

    Focus on the ‘Negative’: Exploring Emotions as a Spiritual Experience

  • 2014-02-23 @ 13:54:57

    Great article – I never really though about how much the internet could change the world through transparency. I knew it obviously COULD, but I guess I never realized the potential. The (semi) truth is always just a click away…

    Sex, Esoteric Material and the Hypocrisy of Censorship

  • 2014-02-06 @ 09:43:10

    Was feeling pretty shitty yesterday. Started saying I’m the universe and this is my playground. My dragging feet turned into skips and hops :)

    15 MIND-EXPANDING Mantras to Ignite Your Next Meditation

  • 2014-01-06 @ 14:50:28

    Awesome! Can’t believe I missed this one.

    5 Ways To Harness Neurogenesis: Boost Your Brain

  • 2013-12-11 @ 16:43:26

    I’m in a very similar situation to you, about 1 month prior to you going to the psychedelic festival. Hopefully I can write something as hopeful as this, come February.


    The Simple Truth that Love Can’t Flourish Without

  • 2013-12-08 @ 18:41:31

    That’s what I was thinking. It went from a utopia community to a community center. I’d like to hear more on what they’re thinking is behind that.

    Valhalla Movement Update: Big Moves in the World of Sustainability

  • 2013-12-06 @ 15:01:00

    They have many opportunities to excel in the world, to create peace, to give back, to do something, anything constructive – it doesn’ even have to be in the frame of capitalism, but they are so hung up on ‘the man’, and so addicted to receiving, rather than giving, I have no sympathy for them. They are doing fine, if you give them 20 dollars or not. And if you do, they will buy beer or drugs and forget about you.

    Do You Give Money To Strangers? The Answer Might Surprise You

  • 2013-12-05 @ 12:00:05

    “we can save a plant who’s relatives are all dead” LOL. I swear there is a plant that I walk by everyday that is a god damn (close) relative of ginko. Nobody will believe me.

    Ghosts of Evolution | It’s Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

  • 2013-12-04 @ 14:04:24

    I hung out with a bunch of homeless people for a few days in Portland.

    I don’t even think about giving homeless people money anymore.

    Do You Give Money To Strangers? The Answer Might Surprise You

  • 2013-12-04 @ 09:28:22


    Do You Give Money To Strangers? The Answer Might Surprise You

  • 2013-12-02 @ 13:35:23

    He is using truthspeak, which is as simple as one can be. It is straight forward and does not tip toe around a subject. It doesn’t care if you get offended, because it knows you shouldn’t. Our culture is built around colorful stories dancing around what really happened, making humor and avoiding seriousness.

    We don’t sit well with real truth, but when its said, you shouldn’t diminish it. It should be listened to intently.

    4 Toltec Life Secrets to Expand Your Consciousness

  • 2013-12-02 @ 11:36:57

    Holy shit.
    …………..Holy shit.
    If I can afford anything, its to read this book. This man seems truly aware.

    4 Toltec Life Secrets to Expand Your Consciousness

  • 2013-11-30 @ 22:14:05


    25 Best Books on Self-Improvement You Need to Read Before You Die

  • 2013-11-30 @ 22:11:19

    Martijn you the man.

    Although its not something you need to read, and you’ll go through life without, I cannot say enough how much the book ‘at home in the universe’ changed how I see life. Its just a good book. /end plug.

    25 Best Books on Self-Improvement You Need to Read Before You Die

  • 2013-11-24 @ 11:17:40

    “People who jump off buildings while tripping to see if they can fly… wouldn’t you try it from the ground, first, you idiot?”

    The Surprising Weird Thoughts That Disturb Us and What To Do About Them, Backed by Science

  • 2013-11-22 @ 12:57:35

    Burly old man voice, then I shake my fist at them. Confuses college students, scares the piss out of anyone under 16.

    The Surprising Weird Thoughts That Disturb Us and What To Do About Them, Backed by Science

  • 2013-11-22 @ 12:55:48


    The Surprising Weird Thoughts That Disturb Us and What To Do About Them, Backed by Science

  • 2013-11-20 @ 15:56:14

    EPIC! I often think about yelling at people on the streets from my car, because – why not?

    So I tend to do it.

    Not harming nobody.

    “Spontaneous urge to laugh at a funeral” man. In the elevator with 3 random strangers, I’ve started laughing uncontrollably. Having a serious conversation with my boss. Even at an interview. Its terrible because their confusion makes it even funnier. Its awesome.

    I’d like to make a counter article on the fact that you should act on a lot of these impulse ideas that pop into your head. It would make life so much less serious.

    The Surprising Weird Thoughts That Disturb Us and What To Do About Them, Backed by Science

  • 2013-11-16 @ 21:26:52

    The Earth revolves around the sun, while the sun is moving, in orbit around the galaxy.

    Copernicus & Goldilocks: Doubting Our Horizons

  • 2013-11-07 @ 14:20:05

    Yes… but, I think, in a way, that perspective is powerful in itself… without it, these substances can be degraded. The placebo effect strikes again.

    We need a new word for placebo effect, one without stigma of “an effect to be avoided”. But rather an effect to be cultivated!

    Sacredness is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 2013-11-05 @ 14:07:43


    Sacredness is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 2013-11-05 @ 14:07:21

    So you accidentally click on them and they can actually make a dime for making such a great site.

    Sacredness is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 2013-11-05 @ 13:48:27

    but it feels so RIGHT to romanticize them :(

    Sacredness is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 2013-11-04 @ 23:11:39

    I disagree. Like biological evolution, these traditions arise because they have been honed and perfected for hundreds of years. A boy who suddenly stumbles upon ayahuasca and takes it in the woods with some friends has a better chance of being misguided, let alone serious neglect to his own personal well being.

    I don’t scoff at people who take it for fun, but I rarely find such people entertaining, enlightening, or intelligent.

    There is much to be learned about these still, and we will see a divergence from classical sacrament to more modern sacrament with the advent of neurology, psychology, and so forth. I respect modernist approaches but I respect the time and commitment that traditional shamans have had to explore these realms and pass down their teachings. I don’t think that is something to ignore when addressing this.

    To me, taking psilocybin to get “fucked up” is on equal playing field with buying a Hummer. Go ahead and do it, but god help me if I have to hold a conversation with you.

    Sacredness is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • 2013-10-28 @ 16:52:12


    I have only read James lovelock’s Gaia from the list, but At Home In The Universe is about the most poignant book on emergence and life itself.

    I can’t stress how important that book is.

    7 Extraordinary Books You Need to Read to Become Ecoliterate

  • 2013-10-16 @ 17:10:18

    I understand the title now. Makes sense… I hope the management is fruitful, heh.

    Insanity Management: A Story

  • 2013-10-16 @ 17:09:40

    I want to experience everything, so regardless of what it is, I don’t complain. Experiencing things is what I believe I’m here for. I want a desk job. I want to be consumed by trivial entertainment. I want to have goals that I will regret later on. I want to experience that because its human. Its the time I was born into, and thats that. If I were to start selling art and making a living from that, I wouldn’t want to continue that forever.
    So regardless of how depressing something is, the fact that you get to experience something is, in itself, something.

    Insanity Management: A Story

  • 2013-10-14 @ 13:21:12

    Is this what you call management? This sounds like an awakening to the raw deal, the inhuman part of reality… how would anyone call this management – I don’t understand the title.

    This is the first thing I’ve read in entirety for a very long time. Nothing seems to keep my attention anymore, be it because of my constant stimulation of technology or my ever increasing awareness of “nobody knows anything, why am I reading this?” attitude – I’m not sure which is more predominant.

    I read this because, of course, I’ve been there. As I’m sure many have.

    It seems the longer I age, the stranger things become, and the more I lose my grip on what the majority would call “real life” – the job, the car, the bills, the entertainment. Yet I don’t know what it should be replaced with anymore. I used to like archaic revival, I used to like community building and so forth, but now even that seems to be a form of escapism for me.

    Its like life itself can appear as a joke. Like consciousness and experience is just a fool’s sand box. That we’re throwing all this away.

    Other days, life is magnificent, glorious, and simply existing at all is a gift.

    It gets weirder and weirder. Stranger and stranger. Faker and faker.

    Insanity Management: A Story

  • 2013-10-07 @ 21:20:45

    :) thanks

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-06 @ 16:04:02

    This article isn’t telling you how to think, its a perspective that I’ve adopted. If you don’t agree, than that is fine, but one should always question why. As far as I know, this is the first article ‘countering’ the illuminati on HE.

    I share my perspectives, and that’s what you should take away from it. I am no teacher, I am no preacher. If you want to unsubscribe because you disagree, I wouldn’t understand.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-05 @ 12:55:05

    Thank you.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-04 @ 18:13:34

    Technically they are quantifiable.
    Entropy is a quantifiable value.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-04 @ 17:25:16

    Sorry for clarification I didn’t title the post as debunking the Illuminati, that was edited in. There most likely is people who believe they have great power – Bill Gates (foundation), Goldman Sachs, USB bank, Monsanto etc all have great power, and they all have ties to government, and they have a dirty trail of money.
    However, they are not controlling you. We allow them and give them control. They control with money, and none of them force us to give them our money. We do that by choice, if at all.
    We are the illuminati.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-04 @ 15:30:05

    I believe religion is the emergent property of a self-analyzing conscious entity.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-04 @ 12:59:21

    I expect a lot of doubt and resistance. Thats why I wrote it.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-10-04 @ 12:58:20

    “I also think they are well aware and know beyond what you just described, and use it to manipulate the organism as a whole.”
    I’m sure they (if they exist) would believe this too. I however am quite certain their ‘power’ is an illusion. They do not control us, we control them. The population creates the government, not matter how separated they may seem to be.

    Snowflakes and the Illuminati: How Chaos Theory Debunks The New World Order

  • 2013-09-06 @ 11:49:44

    THE LSD MOLECULE IS NOT CORRECT! Oh this pains me so.

    This One Time I Took Acid At A Festival