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  • 2015-03-21 @ 14:36:33

    Will you refuse to accept a corrupted fate? If so, what should we do?

    ATTENTION All Misfits Rebels & Free Spirits

  • 2015-03-14 @ 17:23:43

    I like to say, how do you define sane, in an insane society?

    Real Mental Illness

  • 2015-03-10 @ 17:49:16

    It’s like this is common knowledge that we all know, but seem like we forget or ignore because we are kind of in ways surrpressed by social/religious concepts or beliefs which work in benifit for those who derive profit from our suffering. It’s good to see our instintual knowledge finally, resurfacing :)

    Philosophy: Epicurus’ Cure for Unhappiness