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Life Philosophy

Meaning of life is joy. We are all “gods” and it’s never been a better time then now, to fully experience the meaning of life, to expand our knowledge, to make our wishes come true. We are all born as geniuses who will never die, just be more alive.

I am...

a student from Croatia (Samobor), 21 years old. I’m in neverending seek for the real truth about everything there is. Always trying to grow to a smarter, stronger, better human being. Know no limits.

Studying physics and computer science in Zagreb, keeping my brain occupied with Web design, writing songs (rap & poetry), playing guitar and synthesyizer (begginer), learning everything about life (& “death”), about brain (how to improve it in every way), languages and everything else that seems interesting. :)


“Most men would kill the truth if truth would kill their religion”