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  • 2013-11-30 @ 10:41:33

    One who knows to be alone is never a lonely person.


  • 2011-09-17 @ 05:30:43

    Such a perfect article! You wrote everything that I also have been exploring, thinking, finding out… I still have no specific idea what am I going to do in my life, but hopefully I’ll realize it, I’m just taking step by step… I study physics in college and when I was learning about quantum physics everything start to fall in its place…everything that I have been reading about and exploring in my spirituality. I’ve been very sceptical atheist all my life, but now, I can’t call myself that anymore, I learned exactly what you’r saying here and it makes so much sense to me, the meaning of life, world… Living healthy, in body and soul, exploring meditation, learning about everything, expanding my brain, not worrying about little things…all that and much more is now what’s important to me and what makes me put a smile on my face. Still I’m not all the way “there” to live my life fully, but baby steps…
    Really great article Renee, hope to read more from you. Stay happy :)

    I Took The Red Pill

  • 2011-07-04 @ 17:23:06

    @Bill Nigh
    That is a common question and very hard one to understand, or better say to accept as it seems so cruel and not fair. I wouldn’t say they were ‘just asking for it’, or not in that tone as that premise usually sounds, often enough people are not aware what energy they are transmitting, and it is not a surprise today that many people do feel bad and send that energy because often it is the only one they can have when they live in poor conditions or are simply unhappy by anything in their lives.

    When energy from a mass of people starts to expand, the law of attraction works in the way that it returns not so positive events. It is hard to describe, I would strongly recommend to watch this video where similar question was answered by Abraham, it will give you better explanation than mine, about life and “death” and law of attraction.

    I would also recommend to watch the other videos as every is extremely clarifying for all kinds of questions.

    Teachings of Abraham-Hicks: Tapping the Universal Source