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    I’ve got to thank you from the depths of my heart dude. This is a amazing article. Didn’t know there were more people out there that had the same experiences on drugs. The first time I took psilocybin (truffels) I thought I was just gonna have I fun night with some good laughs, that’s how my friends discribed it to me. Well that might have been true for the first half hour, but after that I went deeper into my mind than ever before, far deeper… I experienced such beautifull feelings of oneness and love, of course you guys know wath Im talking about and know how much of the meaning gets lost when trying to describe it words. But needless to say it completely changed the way I think about life and I’ve been using it for self improvement ever since. Its been a rather lonely road since I didnt know there were more people like me out there… till I found this site. It blew my mind, and it has been an exciting time reading all the articles and blogs. Long story short, thanks to all of you guys!! You already changed my life :-)

    Tripping as a Tool for Self-Improvement