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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


University of Minnesota

Life Philosophy

Serve the interests of the human community, and serve the interests of all as equals.

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Interested in serving the interests of the human community and understanding the unconscious conditioning forces and stimuli that influence, direct, and control the formation of consciousness, values, attitudes, and behavior. See my work “Theory of linguistic derivation: continuing study” and “Unconscious frameworks in your consciousness” at :


“Acceptance of and aspiration to unlimited greed is one of the tools the evil attempt to use to maintain dominance over those who wish to serve the interests of all as equals.”
Jan Reed



Language, Thought, and Reality, by Benjamin Whorf , edited by John Carroll


‘Mysterious Stranger’ , by Kitaro from CD “Light of the Spirit” ;
CD , “Light and Sound” , by James and Elizabeth Johnson ; CD “Chronos” , by Michael Stearns ;
‘Movement 2’ , by Vangellis from CD “Mask” ; ‘Pastorale by Cusco from CD “Apurimac” ;
‘Inner Sky’ by Govi from CD “Cuchama” ; ‘Hop o’ My Thumb’ and ‘Pavan of the Sleeping Beauty’ by Isao Tomita , from CD “Daphnis and Chloe” ; ‘Circular Signs Suite’ by Christopher Franke, from CD, “The London Concert”

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