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  • 2013-01-04 @ 12:44:22

    But wouldn’t working together to find what benefits us the most be a belief that working together to find what benefits us the most will, in fact, work? Very informational video, thoroughly enjoyed it but the some of the points (if not most or all) they made using such information seems like backwards rationalization. This video shows that whoever made this video (given the epilogue especially) has a belief about not believing, which would mean he or she is still a believer and only made this video to express how pointless it is to believe because he or she is unable to do the same.

    And it’s quite ironic that the epilogue says to have no beliefs to free yourself because if I take that advice and follow it, I will be following a belief that I am better off having no belief and will then be able to make free choices. So if this video is true, we are all now fucked because instead of letting us realize this on our own we are now stuck in a cognitive dissonance because to follow this video would be to have a belief but to not follow this video which would still be a type of belief.

    It’s the same paradox as saying, “there are no rules” because there is one rule… no rules.

    Again, very informative video about the brain, but very flawed concepts to go along with it.

    God is in The Neurons