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  • 2013-03-08 @ 19:31:18

    A better questions is, “Why should you be a Christian?” The answers to that question are what led me away from “Christianity” and towards being like what Christian is supposed to mean, which is bigger than a word, bigger than a religion, big as the whole damn universe, all that ever was and will be.

    Dogma is the stagnant enlightenment of the centuries past, seek new enlightenment. Christ is said to be God’s only son, yet we are all supposed to be God’s children. Trust that someone has made some egregious translation errors and just seek Truth and Love, unless you believe there is a higher calling than those ideas, or that a just God might punish you for such a thing.

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  • 2013-03-08 @ 19:22:16

    Does your god reside in heaven? Is your god a man, a woman… one or many? Is God the name of god?

    If God sits in a gated community for the blessed and the devil tends a pit of the damned, keep looking, there is likely more to existence than your dualism has granted you.

    Listen for the words that no one speaks, the noise the Nothing makes.

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  • 2013-03-08 @ 19:07:44

    1. Be Excellent to Each Other!
    2. Kissing my girlfriend
    3. You do not
    4. Create ideas that help people live better
    5. That at some point I made good on #4
    6. Having to devote so much effort to serving a system I know is broken and unjust
    7. I still don’t know, or can’t bring myself to commit to the solutions I see
    8. God doesn’t exist, Nothing exists and so does Everything.
    9. The universe’s
    10. I think so
    11. Death, no. Dying without having given enough to the world, yes.
    12. I would get on #4 right now, it takes of lot of effort to stay alive.
    13. I am not sure you should yet, send me back.
    14. When I can see the evil in me, without giving it to the world.
    15. I don’t know
    16. No, I crave power too strongly to be allowed such access to it
    17. Some people would say I was everything to them, others would say “he was kinda quiet but nice”, I would say to them “I tried, I really did, but I think I failed you all even if no one ever knew it”
    18. Smile, I don’t know why, but I just never seem to smile
    19. She is, He is, We are, we were and we will be.
    20. Fear of the Other, for my evil is the evil in the hearts of all men and it is Black. Happiness comes with peace in the absence of fear, but there is so much to fear.

    18 Thought Provoking Questions

  • 2013-03-08 @ 18:03:27

    The greatest day of my life was the day I heard the voice of Nothing, the echo of Nothing. When you let go of Everything you find Nothing and Nothing is more than anyone has ever imagined it could be. Nothing is Everything and Everything is Nothing. Truth.

    I am happy to see others have found Nothing for themselves, in the end that will mean Everything.

    Ancestral Knowledge: An Epic Graphic Story of the Origins of Existence