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Life Philosophy

Acquire skills no one is having. Read books no one is reading. Think thoughts no one is thinking. Only then, you’ll reach places no one is reaching

I am...

a future legend…


Its not what you dont know that gets you into trouble…..its what you know for sure thats just aint so. —-Mark Twain
Reading is dreaming with your eyes open. —-anonymous


too long to mention……
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
How to Study
Learning to Silence Your Mind
The Book Of Questions
The Alchemist
Steal like An Artist
Feeding The Mind
On The Decay Of Art Of Lying
The Secret
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Who Moved My Cheese?
Harry Potter (all)


Linkin Park
Taylor Swift
Armin Van Buuren

Film & TV

Sherlock Holmes
Harry potter
The Book Thief
Legend of The Guardians
3 Idiots