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The Infamous Friend Zone

Why does this exist? I’ve been stuck in this zone of no-return more than once, and I’d like to know why some people do this. I’ve wondered about it more than once.


Romance Passion Connection Love What are these to you, personally?

Princess or Fireman?

What did you want to be when you grew up (or do you want to be if you aren’t grown up?) Lol, I’ll never grow up, I love Neverland too much. However, when I was legally a child, I wanted to...


I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I’m Adam. I’m 31 and live in Minneapolis, MN. I became a member yesterday and have been liking the vibe here! I hope to share experiences, thoughts...


will you all give me some good examples of passion?please – can you have passion with only eyes and touch? -i’m askin this because she gives me her eyes for a second here and there. and i...


The Serenity Prayer sounds so much more beautiful in Spanish, as do most things in my opinion what a lovely tattoo

What do you think of piercings?

I personally hate 90% them. Earrings I sometimes like, but only on women. I refuse to get one. I’d rather stab my hand to the table, lol. Your views on them? Do you think they are attractive?...


How do you feel about it? Do you feel like humans are by nature monogamous creatures, ready to and meant to mate for life? Or do you feel that we are instilled with the need to roam, and have multiple...