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Not that kind of love that involves the requirements for marriage. No. No. Not that. I’m talking about the kind of love you experience when standing on a mountain looking over the lights along a...


Since we have discussed what we think true beauty is…and since Jordan has paved the way with hedonism and pleasure, I ask you…what is SEXY to you? What about a person makes you…want...


I suffer dearly from this and I am wondering if any of you have any helpful tips to help conquer it.


I’ve always been fascinated in them and try to give my friends advice on theirs when I can. What are your opinions on dreams? – Specifics, lol: What do you think they are for, why are they...


Do you think, when asked "How are you?", we respond with "fine" because we are scared to learn that nobody cares about what is going on? Do you believe people don’t have...

Is anyone on here from a place that america is currently in conflict with?

-im guessing probably not -thats difficult, i would like to hear their point of views -if we could remove theese barriers we would get closer to understanding each other -america should drop computers...

How many teenagers are on this site?

I’m just wondering. I’m fifteen. So who else is a teen?

Future Timeline…any thoughts? Its a long read but very interesting.


Let’s tweet @she_breezy