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Soulmate- Possible, not possible, or absolute hog wash?

@amy – so if you can share your soul with someone doesnt it make sense that there are some that you can share your soul with in more satisfying and different ways … right?

Happy Annual Corporate Love day

Spreading the love my fine people.


Haha alright then But… I dont see how me saying that was a promise of devotion. Positively remembering the past and appreciating it = promise of future devotion? I dont think so…. As for...

The Self, Meditation and Hypnosis, our ordered mind

I got really hammered and wrote a piece in reply to someones question about the Self. Just wondered what you thought of it. I haven’t cleaned it up so it is a bit rambly as so much of my writing...

Time Travel

If humanity one day discovers the secrets of time travel and use it do you think that they would be able to change their past of future, or our past or future? Also if they can change our past or...

The Sagan Series

Go team humans! Check out this first of two (so far) video about human capacity and frontier. The second video is by the same person. Both videos are narrated by Carl Sagan.


when i try to send a message…i click on the person’s send message…but; i receive a different person’s message/name…the message is sent successfully but to the wrong...

Do you think its possible to experience god?

[because of an update on the forum system this post got wrongly attributed to me, if you know who wrote this, please message me.] -Martijn From about 3rd grade until last year, I was atheist. I would...

Runners high and marijuana’s high related? Interesting!

What do you aspire to do in Life?

At school we were talking about lifetime goals and I would like to know some of yours. What do you want to be, where do you want to live, where do you want to go, anything that you wish to do? I...